IBS - what do you do for it?

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    Hi - I have IBS, and constant pain everyday. My Dr told me to lay off of the coffee, and so I did, but it didn't help any. I'm constitpated one day, and terrible diarrhea the next. The Dr told me to eat a lot of fiber. Well, I really can't eat too much fiber, because then my bowels are too loose. I use my heating pad to releave the pain. Some times I feel fine, and just that quick, I get pain, and feel sick to my stomach. Doe this ever happen to any of you? How do you handle it. Is there a magical over the counter med that I could take? I am homeschooling this yr, for the first time, with fibro, a cyst on my right ovary, and IBS. Please help.
    love, Lorie
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    Hi, read your posting and really felt for you. I've had IBS for years, unfortunately. Sometimes if you are in a bad cycle nothing much can help. But, as far as meds go OTC I rely heavily on Imodian AD and gas-X. I'm also on an antidepressant (Paxil) which helps me not get so anxious which would always make me go more. Also, every morning I drink Questran (RX) which has really helped. I take Ultram for the pain and also use Buspar. Also, when I get spasms I take a Levsin which really works well. Its an antispasmatic drug. You'd have to talk to your doc about these. This stuff should really help. Good luck!!
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    I have had many tests including a colonoscopy (that was AWFUL!!!!) to find the source of my IBS. I believe that fibromyalgia plays a big role in this for me. I have to manage my IBS myself since all my tests were OK.
    I am lactose intolerent as well as sensitive to other foods, so I watch what I eat. I take calcium with magnesium and zinc as well as 2 fiber choice daily. This helps to manage it pretty well. I still have tummy troubles, but I can deal with it. Before I began this regimen I would go up to 2 weeks without a bowel movement, then I would either vomit and or get chronic diarrhea. Now there is some balance and I have more normal bowel habits. The trick is, find a regimen that seems to help best and stick with it. Sure, I still get an upset tummy occasionally, but for the most part my system is OK.
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    I have suffered IBS for a few years and my doctors have me use metamucil, which really does work for the constipation or diarrhea, I was having diarrhea 10 or more times a day a year ago and as long as I take my metamucil every day it is much more under control, they also told me I could take it more than once a day. I did increase the fiber in my diet also which has really helped. Now that I follow that regimen I rarely have the abdominal pain. good luck to you!!
  5. kateUK

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    Hi Lorie,

    I have IBS and FM, I recently (6 months ago) had food intolerence testing done. I found out I was intolerent to Wheat and milk. Having given these up my IBS has virtually dissapeared (although an hour after eating wheat I am rushing to the bathroom) and my FM pain is way, way reduced!!! It's not too hard to give these up and the benefits are definately worth it!!!!
    Hope this helps
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    My doctor also recommended on MILK products. I don't
    really have IBS that bad. But, his recommendation does
    help. He also said to cut out all "white" foods.

    Best to You!

    Michelle Z.
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    I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with IBS. My husband has suffered for over 20 years with his until this past year when he started on drugs for his depression. very weird. he will have an ocassional flare up when he is sick with the flu. I hear there is a new drug out that works for women only. I wish I could remember the name of it. maybe your doctor would know. My husband takes his Citrucel tablets every night-Immodium Ad every other day. it really seems to help. As I said it has been a miracle that his symptoms have almost all gone away. I wish you the best of luck. Try the Immodium and see of that helps. Be careful not to take too much though or as his doctor says-You will set up like cement!! :)
  8. fairydust39

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    Hi Lorrie,
    Your Dr is right --you need the fiber but start out slow with it. Diarhhea is caused by the colon being clogged with

    fecal matter .So when you have Diarhhea--your really constipated. Sounds strange HUH. Also there is a Peppermint

    Oil enteric coated capsule that you can buy at any Herb Shop or on the net. There are different brands,mostly the same.

    The Peppermint capsule melts in your colon and stops the spasms and it will not cause any reaction with other drugs you may take. But it really works! But don't stop the fiber--listen to your Dr. Hugs Shirley
  9. KiChi

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    Hi, have had ibs for 18 years... new docs told me new things that work - no caffeine, no carbonation, little or no red meat, no raw vegetables (this surprised me!), and now greasy foods. You probably could have already guessed some of these - a gut bomb burger is always a sure trigger for my ibs. One thing that also occurred to me is that the vitamin I was taking had extra iron - this added to my constipation. Experiment and keep track of what you are eating - try prine juice, raisins, popcorn, water. See if anything works. I wouldn't take the drugs if you can control it another way...
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    I was diagnosed with ibs about three years ago. I had it real bad, running behind trees and buildings and stuff, it was horrible. My doctor ( a gastrointestinal specialist ) told me to practically eliminate my fiber intake and start taking loperimide, 4mgs, twice daily. Well, it worked wonders. Go to a specialist and talk to him about it.

    Good luck, John
  11. gobigred8

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    The new drug that you are talking about for IBS that seems to work only for women is Zelnorm. I have tried it and it does work well. It is geared toward the constipation side of IBS. Linda
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    My daughter has suffered from IBS for about 2 years (she's 13 now). It took a lot of patience, food diaries and numerous trips to the doctor. She is soooo much better now! She takes 1 Zantac at night. She cannot have any msg, milk or sour cream, she can only eat foods with nitrites sparingly. The doctor kept saying she's lactose intolerant but she's not! She can eat cheese just fine. The food diaries really do help!
    Good lUck!
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    i too have suffered, first diagnosed in 1994. the only thing that controls the sudden virilent diarea has been a change of diet. suzanne somers has a great set of
  14. monkeylovetoo

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    Ibs I have the constipation type.I take Liquid Phillips Milk of Magnesia every night. It works for me.No cramping.
    A gastroenterologist recomended it to me. Pain free evacuation ever since. Good Luck.
  15. Betty325062000

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    I have not been diagnosed, or even tested but I have had problems for years. Certain foods made me so gassy I had to stay away from people. I have GERDS, which has been diagnosed and I had Tums where I could reach them anywhere in the house. Then I started taking Nexium a few years back. That took care of the reflux and gas. What a relief. Constipation was a BIG problem. Had all the colon stuff from bottom to top and was told drink LOTS of water, 8 oz an hour, and lots of fiber. Both these things I had been doing so no help there. With the constipation I had a gyn problem caused by a weak wall that so that had it been possible the feces would have come out the vagina. To add insult to injury, literally, the toilet would not flush it, as it was so big. Think what it was doing to me. That problem can be fixed surgically. About 6 weeks ago I started taking Zelnorm,that is for IBS and I am happy to say it helps. Four weeks ago I had the surgery which was really a nonevent. That fixed that (I hope). It is still too early to really know but now I think I am in good shape. I plan to take the Zelnorm another month at least, as I have to be careful not to tear out the surgery. It has been a step by step thing, with no one doctor giving me much input.

    Also, to you who have dairy problems I want to share this with you. My sister has had so many problems that she was misdiagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Finally found that an additive Vitamin A palmatate is added to almost all dairy products except the very high fat ones. It is also in many other products. There is such a small amount that usually it is the last ingredient listed. After she made that discovery we found that was also the problem my nephew was having. My sis can eat one spoon of mashed potatoes that has milk added and within 5 minutes she is having diarrhea and lots of pain. Such a little thing and it seems very little is known about it.

  16. Marcie

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    Lorie V. 2 things: 1) I found a chiropractor who told me my Ileo Sico Valve was stuck on open and that accounted for the severe right-sided pain. I too had ovarian cysts, but when they burst and disappeared the pain never did. My chiropractor applied pressure to this valve daily and after 2 months of treatment, the valve returned to normal. Now I only need it worked on every few months. So, shop for a chiropractor knowledgeable in this ares. 2) Have you tried ZELNORM (this is the Canadian name, sorry I don't know if there is a seperate U.S.A. name). It is awesome. It is an IBS medication designed for women and it works wonderfully. P.S> My chiropractor trained at Logan Chiropractic school in the U.S> Is you have difficulty finding a chiropractor with this knowledge, check out this school for a reference. Hope this helps. Let me know.
  17. Marcie

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    Lori V. I just e-mailed you and forgot to tell you how myself and my daughter got rid of all our ovarian cysts in a short time. We followed the "Gabe Mirkin" (doctor and radio show host in the U.S.) diet. He claimed that surgery is NEVER necessary for ovarian cysts. Just cut out all white sugar and white flour. Sorry, no pizza unless it's homemade with wholewheat crusts. And lo and behold this diet works. My doctor said she had never seen so many ovarian cysts disappear so fast as she had with myself and my daughter. SO my daughter and I are on this diet for life because we know now that cysts are avoidable and enjoy being pain free - in this area at least. Also, this diet will help you with your I.B.S> It won't cure you overnight. BUt with my daughter and I we cured ourselves on this diet in less than 3 or 4 monthes for her and in less than six monthes for me. So stick to the diet- Absolutelty NO WHITE SUGAR OR WHITE FLOUR EVER and wait for the wonderful results. Please let me know how you make out.
  18. helpeachother

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    Hi Lorie, re the IBS,
    ..You might ask dr about QUESTRAN powder: its uck going down but it will slow you down and it comes in generic (also has a questran "light" which has no sugar but has PHENALENALINES if you are sensitive to it) but the regular questran does not have this
    ..Make sure you drink plenty of water, not only for the possible dehydration, but to help stop the runs
    ..Try a wheat and gluten elimination diet: same symtems for wheat intolerance/allergy, and (non-tropical) Sprue.
    Peace and Good Luck
  19. Milo83

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    helpeachother gave you a really good idea...Questram is an RX drug, it is used for IBS, and also for cholosterol.....

    When my IBS gets real bad, my gastro puts be on Bentyl......
    It works great for me.....but once again it's an Rx drug.....

    Hope you are feeling better by now.....
    Take Care.......Love, donna
  20. Sbilek

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    LorieV, try avoiding wheat gluten and see if you improve. Unfortunately, it's in a lot of things from most breads to pasta to processed foods, you just have to check the lables.

    Wheat gluten will destroy the very important villi in your intestines. Do a research on the web and you'll understand how important those villi are.

    AFter you've avoided the wheat gluten for a while, see if you see some improvement, you can take some L-glutamine which will help restore the villi.

    Also, parasites can also cause IBS. Try doing a parasite cleanse as well. Most of us have parasites and don't even know it. You can pick them up on fruit at the grocery store, from your pets, a lot of places. Your local health food store can give you some info or insight as to a good parasite cleanse to try.

    good luck, hope this info may help you,