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  1. loops1988

    loops1988 New Member

    hi there.
    i was digonised with fms in June 05.
    i have been waking up in the morning in terrible stomach pain and been rushed into hospital with severe abdominal pain once.

    nothing was found and i was dismissed (not dignosed - editied)
    since then i have had so much of this abdominal pain and i am still waking up in terrible pain.

    i have no problems emptying my bowls although it is not as regular as it should be. but i never have diaorrer or constipation so could this pain be IBS?

    please help.

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  2. bphayes

    bphayes New Member

    put your midsection in a 4 quadrant square. what quadrant would the pain be in? top right, top left, bottom right or bottom left....
  3. mnweb6

    mnweb6 New Member

    I was diagnosed with IBS before getting the FM DX. I was up a few times last night with the IBS, and I can tell you it is really frustrating!!! It took almost 15 years of stomach pain, and yes many trips to the ER with stomach pain so bad that I couldn't stand up! Before I got the diagnosis, every time I complained of stomach pain, the Dr would give me a pelvic exam!!

    I have never been given a medicine for the IBS, I was just told to eat more fiber. I have never had a problem with constipation, I suffered from diarrea. Being on the pain medicine has actually stableized my bowels. I can tell you that having FM and IBS is very frustrating...I am learning that everything that I suffer from someone else on here suffers from too.

    In the end, I can't tell you that the pain you are feeling is IBS. You might want to get it checked out by your dr.

    Good luck, I hope you feel better soon!!

  4. loops1988

    loops1988 New Member

    in the morings the pain is either side at the bottem.
    i get pain in between my breats at the bottem sometimes and sometimes in the top half on either side. so it is kind of all over.

    i havent mentioned this to my doctor because people just think i am an hypercondreact (family and friends)
    i just need to know if this sounds like IBS so i can seek medical advice and be certian that there is a problem

    i get told my family that i probably just need the toilet but i dont.

  5. bphayes

    bphayes New Member

    i have gotten to where i will just say, i'm doing, when i'm asked by my friends/family how i am doing. i get tired of complaining and i know they don't wanna hear all the details about how i can hardly get myself up and going. anyway.....did they check your gallbladder? might not have nothing to do with your pain.
  6. loops1988

    loops1988 New Member

    i am in a hard situatio because i do not moan about anything anymore because of their replys. but when they ask why im oing to the doctors and i tell them hey moan that i am being stupid and say "well ive never heard you say that hurts) they then wonder why i keep my feelings to myself!!!

    i dont know what to do
    a) tell them and be called hypercondreact
    b)wait for them to ask and be called a liar because i havent moaned about the pain or that problem before

    IM LOST!!!!
  7. bphayes

    bphayes New Member

    let me tell you....family can suck sometimes. you sound like me...Good Lord you do. They don't understand, nor will they ever until they live with this crap. ANyway...just keep it short and sweet. i had problems with them trying to run my life.....i know say, are you writing a book? and i say it nicely, i am not mean in any way to them. or i'll say, why you want to know? i don't talk to any of my family about this because they think its"ALL IN MY HEAD". i hope you find out what is going on.....it took me a while to get the diagnosis i so desperately needed. I just had to know i wasn't crazy. take care of yourself...billie
  8. mlrarr

    mlrarr New Member

    I have IBS also. What you describe sounds like it to me. The pain below is you bowls moving while the pain under your breast on both sides could be the bloating with gas. Also your colon goes up your right side then across the end of your ribs than down the left side. I tought I was having something wrong with my liver or pancreious (spelling) (Sometimes I would have pain on one side or the other) they said it was just that part of my colon having spasims. I had a colonosopy in which that was their findings. The pain was so bad I just knew it was something real bad. I go back and forth. Constapated a few days then severe diarreah every time I eat for a few days. I plan all activies around bathrooms. Fun uh?
    Take care
  9. kasilou

    kasilou New Member

    As most others have stated, yes you should be checked out by a physician because it depends where the pain is, type, etc, as to what the cause. IBS is also part of FM unfortunately. I was having IBS problems a long time but never related it to the FM until my Dr.informed me that IBS is also one of the many parts of FM. I have hyoscyamine/sl (a small pill used under your tongue when needed for abdominal pain or cramps). I also try to watch my diet as to prevent flareups with IBS. Everyone has different foods that can cause the flareups, mine being roughage such as lettuce ,salads,nuts, popcorn, etc. I try to avoid these and pay dearly if I do not. Last nite I was out with friends and had tacos(with lettuce,tomato) and had pain last nite and today.(regretting the choice I made). I also use metamucil daily for constipation.
    Hope that you get some answers. I know how you feel because everytime you have a complaint, Doc says that it's your FM.(catch-all for everything). I'm always afraid that I'll have something else and it won't be diagnosed. Good-luck, but make sure that the diagnosis of IBS is correct!

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