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  1. Amslave

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    I didn't relize how common IBS untill I read the measage boards. Is it a common as it seems? If so how do you control it? Anything gets me upset even pain amd my stomach is a mess. I do take Prilosec and Nexeum.
  2. 1975jet

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    Hi - IBS is very common, I heard- I have it..... I have found that stress brings it on with me- I just try and watch what foods bother me and try and stay away from them... I drink peppermint Tea when I really have a bout- I also heard fennel tea was good- BUT when the Holidays hit-watch out, I eat what I want and worry about the suffering later..... Janet
  3. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    Yeah lots of folks suffer with IBS-many don't realize what's hppening tho'. Controlling it can be difficult, especially if you swing between bouts of constipation AND diarrhea. Treatments for the 2 are very different. Unfortunately this is what I do-but after you learn what works for you it is MUCH easier to deal with than FM.
    You've got to avoid stress as much as you can-that means good or bad stress-your body will react the same way. Avoid caffeine. Personally I can't take NSAID's or sinus meds as they bring on the bloat, gas and diarrhea. Too much fiber for me is a bad thing too. I take Ativan, Levsin, and Bentyl as needed. Prilosec and Nexium are for the acid-they don't help me with my IBS symptoms. Honestly I thought IBS was the most horrible thing in the world, but it's not-it usually can be managed. Wish I could say the same for FM!

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