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  1. Dainty45

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    I had a bad bought yesterday, during the process my foot went completely numb, does anyone else experience this situation? I have had IBS for a long time, so it is nothing new to me, just the numbness. Thank you in advance!! Yes, I always have a lot of back pain with it, and I sweat a lot also. Thanks for the input!! I think it is from sitting to long, good answer!!

    Take Care!! SB
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  2. tandy

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    this back up top .
    Hopefully someone will know/answer.

    I have IBS too and have never had the foot problem.
    It does'nt seem related. ??? tho I am not sure.

    I have foot numbness when my lowback acts up.
    I have bad disks.
    Did you have alot of back pain?
    if so,..maybe you have back problems too.

    Hope this helps a little~
  3. 1faith

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    My great toes on both feet are numb and tingly all the time. Sometimes they are worse than others. Did you mean you had it happen when you were having a bout with the IBS? Sorry I sound tacky, but during those bouts my legs will go numbe from sitting on the pot too long!
  4. Line

    Line New Member

    I wonder if the pressure in the intestines puts pressure on the low back. I never associated IBS and the foot numbnes together, but do get the numbness with the low back and hip pain. I guess it is possible, anything is with this darn dd.
    I know I get a lot of pressure undermy ribs when my IBS acts up.

    Hugs, Linda

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