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    Hello everyone. My name is Teri and I was recently told I had IBS after some test ruled out other things I have been having a problem now with cramping and diareha for over a month I am eating very little but every now and then I try something I haven't had in a while. Next morning same probelm.

    I am really getting tired does anyone haave any advice for me on this matter? I could really use it I have tried Imodium it did not work.

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    I had IBS for yrs and years. You really need to increase your fiber intake a lot, and drink plenty of fluids too. This is the only thing that has helped me so far. Fiber, and fluids. I take fiber supplements every night, eat tons of fruit and veggies and drink water.
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    I agree with the fiber thing, but be careful. To much fiber and you will be cramping and have more diarhea. Try a refrigerated probiotic. That has been the best help for me. Also try and cut out white breads and for sure milk. The other big thing I try and cut out is sugar. Thats what I am working on now. Sugar causes alot of problems for people with IBS. But I crave it. I am trying to use Splenda. That is the only thing that kind of tastes like sugar. Good luck with all of this, but know there are many things you can do to help this if you follow a good diet.
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    I have IBS and never get constipation, but always diahrea. Eventually the doctor gave me a prescription for HYOMAX-SL (that is an abbreviation on the side of the prescription bottle) that he has me chew to get into my system more quickly to stop the horrible diahrea. I don't have to take it every day unless the diahrea is every day and bad. I have to watch for stress as it really causes my IBS to start big time. You may want to eat small meals throughout the day, so it is easier to digest in your stomach. I also drink lots of water. Good luck.
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    I have IBS, been managing by diet, acidophyllus and enzymes.

    Please check out this site www.helpforibs.com

    I've learned so much on how to manage this. I got some of her books, tea, fiber, & peppermint caps. I had really been having a hard time with it when I finally got these. There are so many things I was doing wrong. You have to eat, she teaches you what to do and what not to do.

    You can learn alot from the site but I finally got these items because things had gotten so bad. Remember, it's also stress triggered, avoid dairy, spicy foods & chocolate.

    Hope this helps you!!
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    Hi i have IBS (and CFS) too but i also have many food intolerances, have you done an elimination diet to test for these? Im too tired to go into details now but if your interested have a look at this website for some info theres loads on there, and you can ask me any questions about it later if you think it might apply to you. Its called failsafe diet on the website.

    HTH Mandy

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    I have had IBS most of my life and some of the things that trigger mine are coffee, white bread and alot of onions/peppers and milk or icecream.
    Since I have stopped drinking coffee and milk I have seen an improvement.
    I can definitely tell you that stress is one of the biggest triggers. It doesn't matter what I'm eating if I get stressed out my IBS flares up.

    Good luck!