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    hi all im new to this
    hows u all

    well i have ibs had a for a gd few yrs
    well since after giving birth to my daughter lol about nearlly 20 months ago
    i duno weather its to do with my ibs which i hope it is

    when im sitting down some day/nites
    all of a sudden its lk a bby kicking which i know aint true well im preg with my second bby now im about 8 weeks preg but has anyone else who has ibs suffered with lk a kicking sensation and ur belly moves

    look forward on your replys

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    There is a board here for IBS called Irritable Bowel Syndrome that you may want to go to and start reading posts. It's a good way to see what others are going through .

    IBS can be IBS-C (which is IBS with constipation), IBS-D (IBS with diahrea) and IBS C&D (IBS with both constipation and diahrea). You didn't mention who diagnosed you and what they diagnosed you with. Do they have you on any special diet or have to avoid any foods?

    Some people get extreme gas with IBS that feels like it can strongly bubble (or maybe you feel like it is kicking) in the stomach. You should have the doctor that treats your IBS AND your OB/GYN both advised of all symptoms you experience and allow them to advise you how they want you to best treat it during your pregnancy. That way you take no risks. Good luck and hugs