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    Man am I having bowel problems. Horrible bouts of nausea, diarrhea, and bad abdominal cramps. Usually these horrible bouts have been occuring a couple hours after I eat and it does not matter what I eat and this goes on for about four hours until I am empty of everything. I am so drained because nothing is staying in me for very long. I have IBS but it is certainly not this bad (I am usually just Really regular). If this is IBS then I have no idea what suddenly made it so rapidly bad. I have not been eating anything different than I usually do. This has been going on for two weeks now and began during a bad episode of menestral cramps. I have seen a doctor and she wants to run tests to see if it is something else other than IBS. I swear my intestines are just going to fall right out if this keeps up. Anyone have episodes of IBS like this, or is it some sort of infection?
    Myth :(
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    I have terrible bowel troubles as well and need to
    see a GI about them. From reading posts from
    others here, it seems as though IBS is really this
    bad. I am not sick for four hours like you are but
    I do run to the bathroom several times after
    eating. I get the abdominal cramps as well. I feel
    drained afterwards as well. You have to be careful
    that you don't become dehydrated, which excessive
    diarhhea causes. I take potassium supplements
    during these bad bouts. I practically live on
    Pepto Bismol and tumbs. Charcoal tablets
    are excellent for gas pains, but they will absorb
    meds and supplements as well and need to be
    taken two hours before or after taking one of them.

    I often wonder if I have an infection as well. Did your
    dr give you anything for the IBS? I need to get
    some prescript med because nothing I do seems
    to help. You are right too, that it doesn't
    seem to matter what I eat.

    Do you take acidophilus and digestive enzymes.
    I take both with meals and it seems to help
    somewhat. The acid. helped with my nausea
    quite a bit.

    I hope you find out what is causing this and can find
    some relief. Four hours is a long time!

    Take Care,
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    i have had that bad bout too.it was a long while ago tho.i find if i dont get enough sleep or change my routine alot then i get a bad bout of it.try to get lots of rest and make sure you drink alot or you could get dehydrated.i found this to work well for myself.i find with fibro is that the pain ect.goes to one area like my knees,and then when it goes there it lasts for a long while,and then it goes to another area...and so one,i find this happened with the ibs too.
    if you find that it is worse or diffent then what you had before then you should go to see the dr.
    good luck hoping this helps you
  4. Myth

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    I have not taken anything for my IBS before because it never gave me much problems (and when it did it never lasted more than a few days). My doctor said there is a prescription that helps IBS and that if it turns out I do not have an infection she will put me on it for sure. I tried taking pepto but that made it worse; cause then it took longer to go to the bathroom and the cramps were worse as a result. I sure hope it calms down soon or my doc gives me something for it. I will try to keep myself hydrated until then.
  5. PatPalmer

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    Hi Myth

    From what I have read in articles, it`s caused by having Candida growth, - the diarrohea is a lack of good bacteria in the bowel to function properly.
    The Candida/fungi growth must have suddenly further developed to cause the worstening of symptoms.

    I can only suggest taking Olive Leaf Extract to kill off the yeast growth and probiotics/acidophilus to replace good flora in both the digestive/intestinal tract and bowels.

    Take both well seperately and between meals.

    Love Pat.