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    This may have been talked about before, but haven't the time to check to see.

    I have an older lady friend, she isn't that good with computers and is embarrassed to ask this so begged for me to ask here...

    She is going on a long trip and is feeling alittle insecure about her bowel problems, so wants to know if anyone here knows what brand of Depends type underwear fits the best, if anyone here might know. Does anyone here know what would be the best to buy? What is most likely to fit well, and gives the most security?

    answers would be appreciated.
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    I don't have an answer for you but I will bump this post up for someone who may know to answer you.
  3. Acomtha

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    Is there anyone that can answer this? Someone here must have an elderly person in their family or acquaintance that might know something about this?
  4. Acomtha

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    good idea.