ibuprofen vs tylenol---which is harder on kidneys/body?

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    I had read that taking tylenol daily vs ibuprofen is actually harder on the kidneys, and of course if you drink alcohol its completely a bad combo.......however I am finding that taking ibuprofen daily I seem to be getting kidney/bladder symptoms, more frequency of urination and more urgency to go--can't "hold" it as long; and pee smells sorta bad if don't flush everytime (sorry for the detail)------
    any medical savvy people know the bottom line? For me I know it would be best not to take either one daily if don't need to but unfort. have to pick one in my pain med, don't make it without one of those. I don't drink or do drugs other than some benadryl for sleep. I had seen in a nurse's study though that people that take tylenol daily even without o.d. ever tend to have more kidney failure in general in old age than those that don't and a pain mngmt doc once told me years ago not to take tylenol daily if possible, but it seems no one worries about that these days.....but am not liking the ibuprofen daily either.
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    Evidently we are not knowledgeable about which is best. I took tylenol when I would wake
    up in the middle of the night to get back to sleep. Mother did too. Didn't seem to bother her.
    After a few years I was concerned about some pain being 'liver' so I stopped it. But going
    back to it these days. No bladder/kidney probs. and no bad labs.

    No experience long term with ibuprofen.

    I do remember a young girl taking an overdose of tylenol and friend saying "that's not the way
    you want to go...painful and it hits the liver". She recovered from it with no lingering probs.

    It's a tough one. Sorry, not any help.
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    I don't take either too often, but I my stomach likes Advil instead of just generic ibuprofen--my guess is the coating.

    Do you like beets? They are good for our liver in filtering out the bad stuff. Raw is the best, but pickled or canned will help too.