I'd like advice on accupuncture...

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    if it has worked for any of you, and if so, what results have there been? I started goin to a PT whose practice is based on Chinese medicine, and included massage & accupuncture. I'm soooo ready to have something work for me. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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  3. caperkat

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    .. altho I know'individual results may vary'. I appreciate your feedback, thx.
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    Hi, yes! I got rid of my migraines and most of my FM pain with acupuncture. It only took 6 treatments, and my FM was almost totally gone for 4 years.

    The FM has recurred, though, maybe because I did too much heavy work after my muscles didn't kill me. Now, the DDD and osteoarthritis also cause the FM to be bad again.

    My treatments were only $40 each, in 1998, but the best $240 I have spent in healthcare costs. The dr. is only doing dental acupuncture now, or I'd go again!

    Sometimes a really sore spot will be hit by a needle, but if so, it will probably help all the more, so just bear with it, ok?

    Best of luck to you,