Ideas for Coping with Dry Mouth?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dhcpolwnk, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. dhcpolwnk

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    I know this is a pretty minor matter compared with the issues so many people on this list are dealing with--even compared with some of my *own* other issues! But lately, dry mouth is driving me crazy. I can deal with it okay during the day by drinking water and sucking on sugarless hard candies, though drinking a lot of water can cause me other problems. (Truth is, though, I usually don't drink enough.)

    The bigger problem lately is at bedtime. I take 200 mg of Neurontin at bedtime and 100 mg in the morning. I understand that Neurontin can cause dry mouth. I also take other medications, including amantadine and Protonix, as well as my once/week Avonex shot for MS. I take a couple of inhalers, too--Flonase and Atrovent--to help with breathing. Some of these others may contribute to the dry mouth. Maybe some of my vitamins, minerals and other supplements may be involved, too. And for the past week or so, I've been taking amoxicillin for swelling along the gum of the tooth that has been giving me problems for the last couple of months--the one that seems most involved in the pain I've had that may or may not be from fibro, CMP or endodontal problems. (My dentist said that if the swelling isn't gone by next Friday, I need to go to an endodontist for a root canal job--something I'm just dreading!)

    But I digress.

    Right now, my mouth feels like an army is marching through it in muddy boots! This is getting so bad it kept me from sleeping the other night--as if I need something *else* to keep me from getting quality sleep!

    If you have experienced a similar problem, how did you deal with it?

    --Laura R.M.

  2. Jaysea

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    Have you tried running a warm air humidifier beside your bed at night ? I put about an inch of vaseline on my lips before bedtime too and keep a glass of water handy in case I wake up with my lips stuck to my teeth. How romantic eh.
  3. domesticgoddess

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    I use mouthwash before I go to bed.

    I take a glass of ice with some water as I wake up several times in the middle of the night with dry mouth. I also
    keep sugar free candy in my nite stand. Have been known to pop a few each nite.

  4. Kea

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    I have the dry mouth experience also. I drink a LOT of water and use a mouth wash that is for dry mouth. My dentist said USE IT. Dentist said that I needed something to help protect my teeth and gums like normal saliva does.
    I am also taking some of the same meds you are.
    Merry Christmas,
  5. 1maqt

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    Have had the problem for some time. Keep water bottle handy, sugar free losanges. Diagnosed w/Sjogrens Syndrom. Something that casues salivary glands and mucus membrains to be dry. Not as serious as it is agrivating. Medications also sometimes cause dry mouth. This DD covers a big spectrum of symtoms. aAm having one of my worst flares yet, and am still not that good at coping.LOL 1maqt
  6. LisaMay

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    I use mouthwash right before bed and the minute I wake up. During the day, I keep mints or some type of lozenge in my pocket and make sure I drink plenty of water. There's nothing worse than having a mouth full of cotton!

  7. pam_d

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    I deal with this, too, my mouth is bone dry---1mqat about covered this: I, too, have sjogren's, which causes the dry mouth & eyes. Medications that are drying (and so very many of them are) make things worse. I no longer take benedryl at night for sleep, which I did for many years, because of how drying it is...ask your doctor about evoxac, it is the standard med given for dry mouth & eyes, many sjogren's patients take it. I have no idea how it would interact with your other meds, though---I do think much of your problems are from your meds, though, those inhalers (like flonase) can cause this. I wish modern science would learn to produce meds that DON'T dry membranes out!! Anyway, good luck to you, Laura, I have suffered from this for years & it's no fun...


  8. contessa

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    Check with your doctor. Have you been checked for Skjogens syndrome. It is very common in our condition. I don't have it but I do have damaged salvia glands plus the dry mouth from medications. I'm embarrassed to even breath close to people. I know I probably have the breath of a hibernating bear.

    Seriously, Salagen takes several weeks to work but it will put the spit back into your mouth and improve your life. Remember saliva also saves our teeth. A lack of it will cause all kinds of dental problems. See your doc ASAP - and get this prescription. You won't be sorry.
  9. dhcpolwnk

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    First, thanks to all who have responded to my question about dry mouth so far.

    Second, I have another question. Salagen was recommended for dry mouth, but I am taking Flonase (mornings) and Atrovent (bedtime and occasionally as needed) because of problems with post-nasal drip and breathing. I know that these inhalers can dry out the nasal passages, and the person who recommended Salagen also mentioned that inhalers like Flonase can be one culprit in dry mouth. I think I've also read that Neurontin, which I also take, can cause dry mouth.

    My question is this: If Salagen (or some other drug) increases saliva or mucus secretions, would that counteract not only the dry mouth but also the desirable effects of the other drugs I'm taking?

    Sorry if this question sounds dumb, but I'm getting so confused about what condition or medication might be causing which of my problems that sometimes I can't think straight anymore!

    --Laura R.M.

  10. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    You said your dentist recommended a mouthwash for dry mouth. That sounds very promising to me, but I currently am dealing with swelling in my gums alongside one particularly troublesome tooth (Tooth #31). Unfortunately, it's looking more and more as if this will mean I need a root-canal job, but I've also read that some toothpastes and some mouthwashes can cause swelling. So I was wondering whether your dentist mentioned anything about that as a risk factor--or whether it would be safe to use that mouthwash if you have swollen gums.

    --Laura R.M.

  11. wander

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    I think many of us have this problem due to medications. and it can lead to gum problems. there is a toothpast called Biotene and also I believe a gel to use when not enough slavia. Also mouthwash without alochol. One called Tom's of Main. no aschol no saccarin no preservatives all good stuff he also carries a toothpaste.

    If gum problems try saline (salt) rinses as hot as you can take. And sometimes brushing with just baking soda is good too. Some of the commerical products can be irritation to the gums. Hope this helps. Using mouthwash etc without alcohol does not further dry out the mouth.
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  12. Kea

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    Just got my crown on last Friday. Three weeks before I had a root canal.
    The mouth wash is an OC mouth wash just for dry mouth. Also noticed today that they have a tooth paste.
    I also chew gum. Which helps.
    Merry Christmas.
  13. Kea

    Kea New Member

    Just got my crown on last Friday. Three weeks before I had a root canal.
    The mouth wash is an OC mouth wash just for dry mouth. Also noticed today that they have a tooth paste.
    I also chew gum. Which helps.
    Merry Christmas.
  14. contessa

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    Salagen was developed for persons who had lost the ability to produce saliva due to cancers of the facial glands. It will moisten the mouth, the eyes, and yes ladies even the vagina. I am taking Wellbutrin, Advair, Klonopin, Diclofinac, Effexor, Atenenol, Zomig, a couple of hormone replacements and my daily vits and minerals.

    I take the Salagen 3 times per day. It does take 4 -6 weeks to see improvement. I'd produce saliva a couple of hours a day, then twice a day, now it's working 24 hours. My problem started 10 years ago and no one seemed to know about this med. My research shows it's manufactured by a Swedish? company and this is their only product. So sorry, no generic available.

    Our bodies are so complex, and I'm not a doctor so I can't answer your question about the nasal spray counteraction. My quess would be none - with me one parotid gland doesn't work at all and the meds dried up the other. Yet both are now producing saliva. Good luck - all the other doctors told me to go home and suck lemons all day!! And my rheumy checked with other specialists before he issued me the prescription to see if there would be any complications. He'd heard of it but had never prescribed it for anyone without Skojens syndrome. IT WORK'S!! Now I can kiss my husband again.