Identity Stolen and ideas??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. spacee

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    On how someone could get my Mother's MIDDLE name. A name she hated and never
    used? One that hubby didn't know or anyone except her kids. She died in 1985 an it
    doesn't seem to be on any records that Brother has gotten for That
    would include school, military, marriage, death.

    They have opened an account with the Social Security with Mother's middle name as
    one of the "security answers". Along with my eldest son's middle name. And they put
    a color for the first car I owned which I don't know what they put for that.

    They used my husband place of work for the username and I don't know what for
    the password.

    All that caused no damage. My Social Security stuff is "frozen" and has to be done in
    person with valid id.

    We never have the IRS owed us money. So they joined me as spouse to someone who
    the IRS owed a bunch of money. That is when the letter from the IRS came stating that
    they would not release the money without verification of my identity.

    Hubby went straight to his office and filed our tax return electronically (he is a CPA and
    they rarely file before Oct 16th), the IRS kicked it out cause my social had already been
    used. So, he filed snail mail with the form notifying them of my theft.

    Sorry so long. But wondering if anyone has any ideas on how they got Mother's middle
    name. (not maiden).

    Thanks so much.

  2. TigerLilea

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    Possibly they got a copy of your mom's birth certificate. Sorry this has happened to you and your family. Some people just don't give a d*mn about the serious damage they can cause other people.
  3. mbofov

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    That's horrible, Spacee - sorry to hear about all that. It would probably be good for you and your husband to get one of those services which monitor your credit information for a monthly fee. They notify you when there's any activity involving your credit info. AAA (Auto Club) in California gives me this service for free. They use a company called Credit Check Select, which is affiliated with Experian (one of the major credit agencies)

    I've received 2 notifications from them and each time it had to do with an old credit card I had had jointly with my ex-husband, so nothing bad happened. But it lets you know right away when something's going on, instead of finding out the hard way after damage has been done.

  4. spacee

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    Thanks for your ideas, both of you. I am about to consider my siblings as thieves! haha
    I will write for her birth certificate, it is the only thing we do not have. That she didn't
    even use the name while in the Navy was odd.

    Ok, a service that will monitor credit info. Sounds good. I did call Experian right away and they
    but a freeze on my accounts for 3 months. No credit will be issued for any reason. It can be
    extended to 7 year or just redone after 3 months for 3 months. They notified the other credit

    I called the Social Security office where their recording says 'you will be treated courteously".
    I was screamed at for at least 5 minutes or longer until I had to go to sleep with a splitting
    headache. I am reporting that woman to my senator when the government starts working

    I feel fortunate that nothing was stolen. I was lucky.

  5. rockgor

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    Hi Spacee

    I agree. You were lucky the criminals didn't get anything. The computer is a mixed
    blessing. I guess one could just as well say it's a mixed hazard. The hackers can
    not only take info outta your computer, they can leave stuff behind. (Kinda like a
    pack rat.) Just read a thriller called "The Blue Nowhere" which is computer slang
    for the cyberworld. Amazing what these brilliant but unscrupulous folks can do.

    They can. for example, leave info in your computer about building bombs. Imagine
    the police showing up with a search warrant based on a tip that you are a terrorist.
    I have read this not only in a couple novels and also in the news. Pretty scary.

    I think Tiger Lilea may have the right idea. Once they had your mother's name, they
    may have looked in various data banks for people doing genealogy research to get her full name.

    Some years back I looked into getting insurance against identity theft. But every company
    I looked at had the same fine print. "We can change the terms of this contract at any time."

    Well, the whole point of a contract is that it has terms that a court can enforce if a party
    doesn't perform. An agreement to perform that one party can change anytime it likes is not
    really a contract.

    I'll have to check with Gordon. He belongs to AAA. I wonder if he knows about the credit
    service Mary mentioned.

    Sometimes I feel like those of us are struggling to run a marathon despite various disabilities,
    and then, adding to the difficulty of it all, we have people on the sidelines throwing things at
    us. (For example, the crowd in the capital. Some of us are shut ins; these folks are the
    shut downers. Land O Goshen!)

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  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Linda,

    Chances are they were after a tax refund but you just never know. I have Life Lock and if I even use my SS# for some reason, they call me. I don't think it's foolproof but every little bit helps. Your identify thieves probably have done this thousands of times and if even a small percentage of the time it works, they get a payoff. Scumbags!!!

    How goes the shots? Well, I hope.

    Love, Mikie
  7. spacee

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    Rock, that was very interesting about the books you read about cyber stuff. (I feel I live my life through
    Twin who reads very interesting things and tell me about them! It's beats me not learning anything at all!)

    Yes, Mikie, we definitely DO need to get Life Lock. Hubby is so busy at work, he doesn't have time or the
    energy to deal with our own computer. Oh, I just thought, when the kids come in December, I will have
    one of them do it. I am a bit worried about hubby since his golf score is down and he uses the cart and
    has less get up and go. Hmmm maybe that is getting older.

    The shots. I have not had a runny nose since the last shot (3 weeks ago) until today. And the arthritis
    in my left hand seems better by about half. That's about it. Not a lot but I would still like to take
    them for a year. I cut back on my klonopin (1.5 to .75 tapering down) since googling said that it
    can affect brain receptors and that they can come back over time.

    But the next one will be about a week late. We are going out of town (Brother will keep watch over
    the house) and I need to be on my meds to travel. I have noticed that I only leave the house for
    about 1.5 hours a day at the most. Have ordered B-12 injections hoping for more energy. Any
    one interested in the theory can google Charles Lapp, MD B-12 injections and you will find
    his info from 1999.

    I agree that these scumbags are very smart and why not try hundreds, if not thousands for one

    Love you all,