IDET Procedure for Back Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wildcat, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. Wildcat

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    Hello Everyone!

    I have been off the boards for a little while, have had Major Lumbar Back Problems, went to Pain Specialist (since last June) and had tons of things done, with no good results! Steriod Injections, Epidural Injections, Nerve Deactivation, nothing helped, I did have a Buldging Disc in L5-S1, and I needed help!

    I finally had a Procedure done that was my last resort before Back Surgery, which I refused a few years back. I had the IDET Procedure done on February 20th. Oh my goodness!! What a MAJOR relief, as of today I am almost totally pain free!!! Yipee!! I have suffered for years, and this was the right thing for me. Back pain from 1-10 before procedure-9, Back Pain now-1, just have soreness due to Procedure which will last for a couple months, and Disc won't be fully healed for up to 4-6 months. I just can't believe the difference!

    I told a couple fellow Fibroers I would get back with them and let them know how things went, well, I am one happy camper!! I have also noticed over the last week or so, my Fibro aches and pains have slowly become tolerable! I think the added stress and anger from the constant back pain made my Fibro Symptoms go crazy, now I am more relaxed, and I feel I have got a part of my life back.

    I always knew that Stress made me have major flare-ups, but now I am very happy and stress free, I went to to doctor for a 2 week check-up, and he couldn't believe the difference in my personality, I don't think I ever went in the office with a smile or being able to stand straight up with my head down, I was so happy to be able to show him how good I was feeling, I walked for the first time, head up and smiling!!! So for everyone waiting patiently on how things are going.........."I feel absolutely like a different person!!!" (and also weening down on my Pain Meds)

    It is a sunny day here in Northen Kentucky, I think I will take a short walk and let the sunshine fill up my heart!!!

    God Bless Everyone!
    There are ups..for the downs!!!

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    I posted asking about you just last week. I really understand what you are talking about regarding the back pain and then FM on top of it is just toooooo much. I am pretty much going downhill and am trying to figure out what to do. I know my ins. does not cover the IDET. Did you pay for it? I cant remember. Now, what are the long term risks if any? Just curious what the doctor said. I see my doctor in 3 weeks. I just started seeing him this last year and only can get in every three months(I know, crazy but true...we have a major doc shortage where I live). I did see a pain management doctor who after 10 minutes thought I just needed to go to therapy. I have MRI's,a prior surgery ,and so on and that was his diagnosis....absolutely crazy! I did see another pain doc 3 years ago who did injections 3 times(did not help) and then said that my only other option was the IDET. Since our insurance didn't cover it I just didn't persue it. I have looked into a new surgery with artificial discs.....sounds interesting but I am not excited about the knife paart :)... I am so happy for you wildcat! I will look forward to hearing how you heal...Gentle hugs to you....Kathleen
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    Could you explain what the IDET is. I don't know what it is and my Fibro started with the bulging discs in the lumbar spine which we have not herniated and the Doc's don't feel surgery would help. I am cerious about what this procedure is and what they do. I'd appreciate it.
  4. catgal

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    I suffer from degenerative disc disease with multiple back problems and nerve damage. Without strong pain meds, the pain is unbearable.

    What is this procedure, what do they do it on, how do they do it.....please....tell me all about it--perhaps it may be an option for me.

    You sound so Released! I would love to feel that way again. Please answer, Carol...
  5. Fibromiester

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    You must still be on your walk!
    You sound sooooooo Great! I just wanted you to know how happy I was for you- You sound so Relieved!
    Smiley Face to you!!!! :)
  6. chknmama

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    I had the IDET done in Oct.I was given a 60-70% chance it would work.Well it DIDN'T.I am still in as much pain as I was before.I was hoping and praying that it would work.
    I am glad it worked for you.Back pain is awful!!
    So now I go back to the neurosurgeon to discuss Fusion,which I dont want.I have internal disc disruption in L4,5 and S1.which means my discs are cracked on the inside.A work injury.I take 60 mgs of morphine 3xs a day.
    I hope many yrs of relief for you,guess I was one of the unlucky ones.
    Gentle Hugs
  7. sofy

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    There is a brand new thing being done at Yale for back surgery by a Dr. James Yue. He uses a PRODISC and it was recently on our local news station. Go to Google and do a search on Dr. Yue or prodisc and you should be able to get some information. good luck.
  8. JP

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    What great news!

    I believe that this technique was developed by Dr. Joel Saal.

    I went to a doctor in San Francisco a few months ago who worked with him and also practices this technique as one of his treatment methods. I was hoping that I would be a candidate for treatment. Two doctors examined me and they reviewed my studies. I had had a discogram, a CT scan, two MRI's and some blood work. Four of my lumbar discs are herniated, along with multiple other conditions. They passed me off as a pain management case in that I have pain coming from multiple conditions. It's a hard one to swallow for sure...I was hopeful for some pain reduction...they said it would never work with my discs...

    I am very happy to hear that it has worked so well for you. There are some long-term studies happening right now.

    Keep on getting better! Jan

  9. JLH

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    I, too, would like to know what the IDEP Procedure is. I have some back problems and wonder if this would solve any of my problems.

    I'm from northeastern Kentucky. By any chance did a Dr. Tibbs do your surgery at UK in Lexington?
  10. Annie06

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    I would also like to know what IDET Procedure is??? I have never heard of it. I also have DD, and am in pain 24-7.... always looking for something to relieve some pain! Could someone please answer this??? Thanks!

  11. debbiem31

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    Hi everyone. Went to the Pain Institute website and got some info for us. I'll copy and paste:

    Many patients have experienced excellent results from a relatively new therapy called SpineCATHTM IDET TM. The technique, now available at The Pain Institute, was developed specifically for patients whose back pain results from disc abnormalities. IDET, which stands for Intradiscal Electro Thermal Therapy, delivers precise levels of thermal energy (heat) through a catheter to the abnormal disc, which is the dense cartilage that lies between the bones of the spine. The heat causes significant changes in the collagen and nerves of a degenerative disc, actually changing the structure of the disc material. The disc fibers contract, which strengthens and tightens the surrounding ligaments. In addition, painful nerve endings and blood vessels are often eliminated, taking away the pain. A non-surgical alternative to disc surgery, the IDET procedure involves only light sedation and is done on an outpatient basis.

    Research has shown that the IDET procedure offers outstanding results in relieving pain from sciatica, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and posterior facet syndrome. In addition to pain relief, many patients also enjoy improved mobility.

    That's all I could get out of that website. If I find more, I'll post again.

    I also have DDD and live with pain a lot. We just need to do research. Oh, by the way, they do accept some insurance companies. You'd have to go to the website to see if your's is listed.
  12. Wildcat

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    Thanks for all the good wishes to everyone who replied! God Bless you all. I have a really good Website for anyone who wants to know more about the IDET procedure. I know we are not supposed to use Website info but here it is in the search box put IDET and you can get alot of information and explanation of the procedure itself.

    I think it worked well for me in my case, I have mild DDD and it really only seems to work with people with one to two levels of disc pain. I also had some Facet problems, had those nerves deactivated and that took away the hip pain and little back pain on the left side. I have my ups and down days, but NO MORE SEVERE PAIN!! I will be sore for awhile, until the disc totally heals.

    My insurance did not pay for the procedure either. I payed $1700 (thank god for income tax!) I wasn't to sure about the whole thing but after I studied about it and my Pain Management Doctor also had it done before Christmas, and he was doing great, I just felt either I live with the pain forever or do something about it, I had let it go for 5 years or more and it just got worse, I am sure I would have been disabled completely in a few short years.

    I have to admit, I have heard of people that it didn't work for them, and I just wish it would have, because the relief I am feeling is a God send!!! I guess it is just according to how far your DDD is in progression, and I only had a slight buldging disc on L5.

    Sorry I didn't get back to everyone sooner, I just am out and about doing things "pain-free" and it is so exciting!!
    I have currently planning a "1st" birthday party for my twin niece and nephew and I am having a ball! (couldn't of even thought about helping a couple months ago!)

    So everyone interested go check out the website and get some info to take to your doctor and ask if it is something for you to consider.

    The Procedure itself was not bad at all, I was on 37.5mg of Demerol through IV so I didn't feel much of anything, only when they heated up the probe and started melting my disc I felt alot of pressure, but nothing unbearable.

    I am just happy it worked for me and I hope that if anyone else gets this procedure done I hope it works for them!!

    God Bless