If a note from dr doesn't work-what to do?? Please

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    Well the boss is after me again. There's just something about me she can't stand I guess. Never have done anything in particular to her. Maybe it's because I don't let people run over me or anyone else if I can help it. I try my best not to call in. I go to work sick every night and pull my weight plus more sometimes. She knows I have this but course she don't care. Why should she I guess. Can you believe I called in only 4 times for the whole year of 2004. You'd think that would mean something but it don't. We have so many call ins,same ones all the time and I know d*** good and well she don't make them bring dr notes,it would cost them so much cause it's all the time. Lo and behold, I was so stressed and sick last Sat. I just couldn't make it so I called in, and she left me a message telling me to bring her a note from dr. This of course makes me stress even more. Can't afford to go to dr just for that. She knows I have days I just can't function.

    Called dr and was told that because they know I only call in for one reason on few occasions that the dr would just fax the note to her. Sure will help me out. And I've told the dr about her,so she knows. I don't know what in the h*** she thinks I'm doin if I'm not workin. With all the things she has done to me over the yrs. I feel like she discriminates against me but I can't prove it.

    Going to dr soon as possible and going to ask her to give me a note that tells the boss that when I call in it is only because I'm having an extremely hard day functioning and I should be excused without having to get note every time. And going to ask dr to tell her I can't work more than 3 nights in a row anymore. Do you think this will work or should I do something else or wait and see.

    The last few months I have ask boss to not put me on for more than 3 and she just won't listen. I've told her I cannot work 5 nights at all and what does she do but put me on for 5 nights starting Wed. If I call in on the last nite cause I know I'm gonna be on my last leg no telling what she will do to me.
    We have a request book so everyone can ask for days off that they can't work and every time I put mine down she never gives me the ones I ask for. It's always different. When I took some vacation days first week of Jan I had to tell her I'd be out of state so she would give it to me cause she's not given it to me before. I shouldn't have to do that. Course all the girls I work with knows I can't travel. So do ya think the note from dr might work or should I go straight to FMLA or AWDA? I'm even afraid to do that. I'm afraid she might fire me for anything she can think of. Over the 71/2yrs. I've been there she's written me up for several things I didn't do and on a couple of occassions I wasn't even there when it happened. I refused to sign them and course that made her mad. So I feel like she can use this against me. I don't know how to prove those things are wrong.At one time I was blamed for someone quitting and I was off the last night she worked,didn't know anything about it till I went back to work.
    She wrote me up one time for there being a stain on a sheet that was left by the previous shift and we didn't see it. There was 3 of us in the room at all times and none of us saw it,if we had we'd have changed it. But she chose to write me up only. I tried to tell her the other 2 was there and she wouldn't hear it. Needless to say we got kinda loud. I've never had trouble or been written up or fired at any job so I just don't know what to do. The list just goes on.
    I stay stressed from just the job more than anything. Everyone tells me I should quit but I don't like to give up and in one way I don't want to give her the satisfaction of running me off. I know it's stupid. I'm so sorry it's long but when I get to writing and I have someone to tell it to I just can't stop. Thanks for listening, Keke
    Maybe I need to write a journal just on this and get it all out. LOL..
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    may be a good thing for you. I think your emplpyer has to have a certain amount of employees and your employer may have the option of not honoring the request.

    I think you can go online & get info about FMLA.

    Good luck to you.
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    just a few questions

    are you sure the others that call in on a constant basis are not also bringing dr notes? If you talk to them about this will they tell you if they do or don't(don't mention that your boss forces you to)? I would also talk to the people that were involved with some of the things that you were writen upon and see what they say. If you can document some of these things like not being there and then being writen up for something when you weren't there.

    I rember reading about a case simalur to what you are describing and that person took the company to court over it and won on the basis of discrimination of practices. It was based on the number of times that you were required to have drs notes versus the amount of times the remainder of the employees had to bring drs notes in with them.

    I'm not an advocate for sueing over every little thing like a lot of people are and do, but this sounds justifiable to me.

    Of coarse if you where to do this you may as well look for another job, because they will look for ways to terminate you and will find some stupid reason to do so.

    Your other options were stated above. I personnaly would not work some where that was detrimental to my health.

    I've been out of work since june of last year because the pain is so bad that I can't function in a capacity that would allow me to continue without enduring the things that you have mentioned. I will be applying for SSDI soon I just need to fill out the paperwork for my lawyer.

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    Like how many consecutive you days you can be out before you need a doctors note.

    Also when you were hired you're availability and get the proper forms filled out to change it .If you change it in writing and its approved by them signing it .They must follow it and can not give you any more days.

    I hope this helps. And all co. have policies that even your boss needs to follow.

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    Do not fret. Some people are just like that and never change. Usually it is their own insecurity that propels them to do things like the ones you mention.
    I got my doctor to write all of my diagnosises on a prescription pad. This way I can pull it out when anyone doubts my illness. I only had to use it once, but it sure came in handy. Just a suggestion.
  6. Adl123

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    Boy! what a horible situation. I know what it is likie to have amean boss.

    It sounds like she is trying to get you to quit. If I were you, I would document every time she acts unjustly, and then go to whatever organization protects you. I don't know what that would be, because I was a teacher and we had a union. But there must be someone who can help. I would sure be careful to have proof. From experience, it is best to document the occasions in a book that is bound, like a calendar/diary.that way it shows that you didn't just sit downand write up things.

    Good luck,

  7. petesdragon

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    When I applied for disability my doctor wrote that I could not work. The judge disallowed it because it did not say WHY I could not work. So make sure your doctor writes Why you cannot work. Finally got mine mostly from a letter my psychologist wrote.
  8. KelB

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    Is your employer large enough to have a dedicated HR department? If so, I'd start dealing direct with them over your health issues and cut out the boss.
  9. Zzzsharn

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    Definately look into Intermitten FMLA- You don't have to use the whole 12 weeks in a row.. this allows for you to call in when you can't make it, and you cannot be punished for it.. Your doctor just needs to be very specific that you can not predict exactly when you will need the time.

    This should save you a lot of misery.

    The only thing is that there has to be a certain number of employees in your company..

    Good Luck

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