If Ambien Didn't Work, Would Klonopin? Anybody?

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  1. nancyw

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    I've had such a terrible time this last 6 months trying to sleep and have tried lots of meds (OTC and prescriptions), including Ambien. None have worked well. Have been researching on this board about Klonopin, but the pharmacist said it's in the same family as Ambien and Ambien was stronger. Has anybody had luck with Klonopin that DID NOT get results with Ambien? Any responses would be appreciated! It would be so nice to just be able to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time!
  2. Mikie

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    Ambien is in the hypnotic/sedative family and Klonopin is in the benzodiazepine family. Klonopin is an anticonvulsant medication which calms the misfiring of the neurons in the brain. According to Dr. Paul Cheney, our brains are always in a slight state of seizure causing insomnia, anxiety/panic attacks, muscle spasms, and sensory overload.

    Go to our library and read Dr. Cheney's article on Klonopin by doing a search on Klonopin and click on it in the list of articles. It does an excellent job of explaining all of this.

    Klonopin has been a God send for me, allowing me to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep. It has also gotten rid of my anxiety/panic attacks and greatly diminished sensory overload, muscle spasms, and tinnitus.

    Love, Mikie
  3. kredca4

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    I didn't have mush sucess with the Ambien, but when my Leg's start running a Marathon while I'm laying down, I find the Klonopin to be Most helpful.

    I take the Vistril 25mg, 2 x a day, and then one at night, along with my other Med's, Vicodin and Soma, usually I can get to sleep, staying asleep for more than 3 hours is the problem. I have FMS and along with that there can be a Histimine Problem, which of course I do have.

    I went on a Road Trip recently, and I found that taking a Xanax before I went to sleep, actually helped me to sleep 6 hour's, and I didn't Hurt when I woke up. Sometimes we can find something that works for us by accident, sort of, I hadn't been using the Xanax much at night, just during the day, for Anxiety, and I would only need a half, now I take one at night, and set my TV, timer to go off an hour later, and so far, I have been asleep when it shut off, and it didn't wake me up, either, you know how just a shift in sound can wake you up?

    It, the Xanax, also helped with my Mastoiditis pain, I was Thankful for that big Plus. My Ear has been in constant Pain for over 4 months. I also have TMJ, so it's a real Cascade of Trigger's for my MPSD.

    Hope you can find something to help you, it's a lousy way to live, not being able to Sleep. Of course, being in Pain 24/7 dosen't Help either.

    Have you tried some sleepy time tea's, I find Chamollie, works nice for me, trouble is, tea gose right through me, so I can be wakened in the night to go Pee, and of course, once you move, your Body and Brain think it's time to get up. sheeese.
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  4. nancyw

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    Thanks for the replies! I've been reading all I can on Klonopin from this board and on the web itself. I just want to sleep again. My mind is always so "wide awake" even when I'm exhausted. It always takes me such a long time to fall asleep. I have been very faithful with taking a long bath with lavender, listening to soothing music, and doing my deep breathing before bed to relax. This hasn't been helping either. I just don't want to go into another "flare" with the bad fibro fog because of lack of sleep. I guess all we can do is keep trying. Thanks again for the replies.
  5. Spoonerpaws

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    Klonopin and Ativan did help me to sleep, but I always felt horrible the next day (as if I DIDN"T SLEEP)

    The only thing that really helps me to sleep is a small dose of Remeron (anti-depressant)

    My sister also had terrible insomnia and this is the only drug that helped her
  6. kredca4

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    Nothing will help, and if I keep taking med's to try to sleep, I can get real Wired instead of Sleepy.
    Then at other times, a Xanax will relax me enough that I just go to sleep.
    I think that sometimes, if your more Stressed than at other time, that can effect how your med's work.

    I had Insominia so bad one time that my roommate had to take me to the ER for an injection, and it was still hours before I finally went to sleep. I use to take Qulaude's back then, and still stay awake, when the Insomina was real bad, or if I was worrying about something. Guess it was the FMS at work even then.

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  7. dd123

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    Klonopin has helped me with my tinnitus (it doesn't go competely away), but is the only thing I have tried in 10 years with cfids that has helped and I have tried alot of treatments. I do think it has something to do with sensory overload (it helps it). I am gonna try the doxepin elixir 10mg, I have read about it before but never tried it. I found DR. Cheneys articles helpful for me.
  8. MJJBunny

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    I take Klonopin every night for sleep. I'm on .1 dosage. It takes about a half hour to make me so tired I can't keep my eyes open. I've had it happen that when I take my night pills, the klonopin has fallen on the floor and after about an hour of no sleep, I realize that something is wrong. I can't go to sleep without it.

    There was a time last year when I developed insomnia. At the time I was on a larger dose of klonopin and had to add doxipin. I went to sleep fine, but awoke at 2 or 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep until 5 or 6am. That lasted for about 2 months.

    I know what they say about klonopin being addictive, but if it is what gets me to sleep, I intend to keep on taking it forever.
  9. Mikie

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    Klonopin is not addictive. Physical dependence is not the same thing as addiction. We have had many a disagreement here because people do not understand the difference.

    Yes, I am physically dependent on Klonopin to get good quality sleep, but I do not get high from it, and I do not take it when I don't need it. I am not constantly increasing my dose to try to get high. These would be symptoms of addiction.

    Physical dependence does mean that I will have to wean off of it slowly if I ever have to quit taking it.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
  10. MJJBunny

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    My choice of the word "addictive" was probably misused. I certainly understand what you said. Sorry I missed the other discussions.

    I was asked to stop taking klonopin for awhile last year and did go off of it slowly. However when I no longer took it, I couldn't sleep.

    Yes, physically dependence is more appropriate. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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  11. hollie9

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    As Dr. Cheney says, they work in symbiosis, also called the CFS cocktail.

    The Klonopin isn't really for sleep, it's to calm the brain spasms that give you a tight feeling in your head.

    Doxepin is an old time anti-depressant that gives good Phase 2 sleep. It gives you a deep sleep. At first it really knocks you out but as your body becomes accustomed to it there are no noticable side effects except a lifting of depression. Two different doctors told me it's good for the immmune system.

    Elavil is similar, I hear, but it works on another sleep phase.

    I have always had to take a real sleeping pill in addition to these to put me to sleep. I think Ambien works great, so does Restoril, maybe Halcyon, some antihistimies.

    I recently built up a tolerance to all these sleep meds and they stopped working (not Klonopin or Doxepin). I took 9 mg Melatonin and it worked as well. It could be I was just ready for a change.

    If you really need a knock out to catch up on your sleep, get some Trazadone. It knocks me out then stops working on me in about a month. But I get great sleep at first.

    Both Doxepin and Elavil are known for weight gain so I now try to keep my dosage under 10 mg.

    Oh, I also take an Ativan every night too.

    I highly recommend the Klonopin/Doxepin combo, as does Dr. Cheney. As he says, I sometimes take Klonopin during the day when my head gets tight and it doesn't make me sleepy.

  12. iconracr

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    I took Tylenol PM when I was pregnant.

    Then Zoloft and it did nothing for sleep. They then put me on Kloupin, I hate what I read about it. A read drug. But, it does work. I only take .25mg and I do sleep, once I get to sleep. I have a hard time waking but am fine once I am awake.

    Good luck, Cheryl
  13. hollie9

    hollie9 New Member

    Have you ever read the article by Cheney about how Klonopin doesn't act as a sleep med on those with CFS? How he says to take it during the day.

    Yes, I'm aware of Benzos and what they are and do and I have had this illness 10 years. Both my doctor and I are aware that with this disease you do what you have to do. There are many people that take combos of benzos and other meds.

    Klonopin has never made me sleepy and I agree with Cheney.

    Fortunately my doctor is a CFS specialist and isn't hung up on not giving enough meds when the patient needs them.