If chemical sensitivity's caused by Candida, can diet eradicate

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Nov 15, 2005.

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    it? Thanks...I'm sick of suffering constant headaches every day to all sorts of things I can't avoid: central heating, traffic fumes, cigarette smoke, other chemicals...even cold weather!

    I am wondering, cos chemical sensitivities seem to be in the list of symptoms in Dr. Crook's famous book on Candida, whether following this diet could actually overturn my chemical sensitivity?

    Has anyone done this diet strictly and found their chemical sensitivity gone or improved so much that they can be around unavoidable chemical exposures on a daily basis with minimal problems?

    I am willing to be tough with myself if there is one person who can tell me the Candida protocol has made them able to tolerate chemicals again...

    Thanks so much...God bless....Love Shelbo

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  3. Jen102

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    i have treated candida and gotten it pretty under control without that improving my chemical sensitivity to any great degree. i definately feel better when i avoid allergic foods--all grains (gluten or not--seems that pure buckwheat flour is okay), dairy, tomatoes, etc. And I feel better if i eat the caveman diet--no fermented foods, few carbs, little sugar or fruits, etc. And I feel better if i avoid all chemical exposures--again, live like a caveman (except i wouldn't last in a moldy, dusty cave. Ha!) However, these steps haven't cured my chem. sensitivity. I have recently started glutathione/magnesium iv's and my sensitivity seems a bit better--or I should say that my body is a bit stronger so can withstand more and recover from exposures more quickly, but it isn't cured. This is such a difficult road. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy--tho there are a few people I would wish it on for a few days. It would be a eye-opening experience for them. Blessings to you. I always appreciate your posts even if i don't get an opportunity to respond. Jen102
  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    It can give you a leg up in many areas, and make you withstand chemical exposures better. But if you have pervasive MCS, you'll always have that weakness and prolonged chemical exposures will always drag you back down.

    I've had several terrible relapses and learned my lesson for good.


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