if i am given antibiotics by my doctor.....

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  1. hi all,

    if i am given any form of antibiotics,tomorrow 2nd june 2008,by my doctor.would i have to give up drinking my cranberry juice?.

    i need the juice, as its detoxing my gut,and making my stools soft.

    its also helping with the fatigue trembles.

    when ive not drank the juice for a week,i get severely constipated.

    the only other things i take just now are..

    pumpkin seeds nightly.

    odourless garlic with my breakfast museli.

    ive increased my salbutamol asthma spray while im at my job,or cycling to and from work,as traffic fumes make me ill.make my nose stream with clear fluid.

    love fran
  2. dragon06

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    I don't see any reason you would have to stop drinking your juice if give ABs. I have never heard of this.

    Did someone tell you that you would have to?
  3. hi all,

    dragon06,well ill ask my doctor if i can continue with my cranberry juice,while taking any antibiotic.but the reason i asked is.

    cranberry juice cleans out nasties in the body/gut.

    my husband and some people on our street are on statins,to thin their blood,and their doctor has said they shouldnt drink cranberry juice,as it is thought to make the statin not as affective.

    im not on statins might i add.

    but will cranberry juice affect my antibiotic?

    my optician said...

    if you can aid a better immune system,you no longer need antibiotics.

    im just confused right now.

    ive not had antibiotics for many years,but had recently been put on a nasal one,for sinus infection.this was a couple of months ago,or more.

    i only managed to stay on it two weeks as my eye sight went blurred and i couldnt see well enough to do my job.

    i want to try olive leaf extract to fight off bacteria,should i just buy that and not have any anti biotic at all.

    or should i have the antibiotic for a while,and see how things go?

    love fran
  4. simpsons

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    you could try seeing a naturalist if you can get a good recommendation.

    i take echinacea and golden seal for respiritory infections check them out, and also silver water.

    dr lapp recommended silver water and olive leaf

    personnaly i always relapse when taking anti biotics
  5. Mikie

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    It is not recommended that one take grapefruit juice with certain meds--which ones, I'm not sure. I've never heard of not taking cranberry juice with any meds. In fact, when my urologist put me on Bactrim for a UTI, he recommended cranberry juice.

    Just be sure to take probiotics if you are not doing so already. They are not just for when one takes ABX; they are to keep the gut and, thus, the immune system healthy and to prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome.

    Love, Mikie
  6. gapsych

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    I would discuss this with your medical doctor about ABX. He or she should have some answers.

    Don't be afraid to speak up.

    IMHO, I would first go to a medical doctor before a naturalpathic doctor. Tell your doctor of any supplements or minerals you are on.

    What are you taking the ABX for? I think would be an important question, as they can be very hard on your stomach. If it is a serious infection, I would not mess around with it.

    I was talking to my rheumatologist about this the other day and she said that herbs and minerals can also have side effects.

    She also practices Chinese medicine for some patients but I have chosen not to do that and her suggestion was that since I am responding to my regimine, we should not mess around with it. I felt her information was informative since she knows about both.

    She is also Chinese. In my case the only thing she did say would help would be acuputure. Unfortunately, my insurance will not pay for that.

    Whichever path you take,

    Good luck,


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  7. gapsych

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    Grapefruit should not be taken with statins. For a while, this was printed on my Pravastatin. It is not on there any more so do not know if this has changed.

  8. marti_zavala

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    it depends on why you need the ABX. Personally, unless I were near death, I wouldn't take the ABX. Most things can be cleared up with the right natural things.

    Google natural antibacterial and you will find more things than you would have to try.

    If it were nasal/sinus, I do salt sinus washes, gargle with peroxide, garlic, bee propilis, olive leaf extract, Vitamin C.

    Taking probiotics actually helps the gut to flush the bad bacteria which strengthens your immune system.

    Also, parasite cleanses reduce the load on your body so it can fight other things.

    Can you wear a mask when you are cycling? The fumes from cars sounds awful and sounds like it would be affecting you negatively.


  9. dragon06

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    I have taken MANY different anti-biotics for many different types of infections in my life and I have never been told to stop drinking cranberry juice.