If I am wheat/gluten intolerant, can I use wheatgrass?

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  1. phoebe1

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    I need advice please, I have an organic wheatgrass supplement in capsule form that I'm not sure if I can use?
    I'm intolerant towards wheat and gluten, sometimes I feel bloated and have a burning feeling in my stomach but I'm not sure if it's the supplement causing it.

    Also any tips on what to eat and what to stay away from (like hidden gluten) would be appreciated, I'm fairly new to this and find it very difficult to stick to a diet.

  2. Jen102

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    i have the same question about wheatgrass. is it the wheat plant but the stalk and not the grain? i hope somebody who knows will respond. so far i have just avoided it, but might benefit if it is gluten and wheat free. doesn't seem so.

    i try to eat mostly what i make and know what is in it. hard to eat out. try to avoid condiments. i guess wheat is often used as a stabilizer in things like ketchup, but it may not be listed as is such a small amount, or may fit within the list of undeterminable items at the end of the ingredients list. i know they make some gluten-free ketchups from the coop or whole food stores. blessings to you. JEn102
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    i can't remember where i read this so don't quote me, but wheatgrass is supposedly fine for people with celiac. the reason for this is, when the wheat sprouts into grass, the gluten is converted in amino acids. still, it's a little like the oatmeal controversy. very sensitive individuals might have a problem with it when others might not. the source of the wheatgrass might make a difference as well (ie. capsules vs. fresh).

  4. sofy

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    but I doubt if anyone knows for sure. We are all unique individuals and respond differently.

    I would try to stick with the fresh organic and just ease into it slowly. You can grow it yourself. Try not to add anything else new at the same time so you will know the reaction, or no reaction is from the wheatgrass.

    Im wheat & dairy intolerant too and have ocassionally indulged but not enough to say yes or no. Several months ago I tried psyllium capsules and had a real allergic reaction. Stopped me up like a cork. Who ever heard of someone who couldnt take spyllium? Ive ofthen wondered if it had a wheat - gluten connection but havnt delved into it. I just stay away from it.
  5. bunnyfluff

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    In the section under "Forbidden List" it says no to wheat grass- says the seeds cause problems. Let that be your guide. It will cover all of the hidden forms of gluten better than any other site there is.

    I have had to be gluten free for 4 yrs now- I almost died. Don't mess around with it.

  6. phoebe1

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    Thanks for the replies, I get so angry at myself when I cheat, but I get the most horrible cravings for anything "unhealthy", and if I don't eat it I feel like I will go out of my mind, almost like drugs I suppose :)

    Bunnyfluff, where can I find the celiac site you are talking about? I really need to learn more about this. Another question I thought about is, potatoe crisps, are they ok to eat?

  7. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    It has all of the info you will ever need, and some great links, newsletters, etc. It was the most helpful and comprehensive site I could have asked for when I was (finally!!!) diagnosed. It made things so much easier for me. Hope it will help you, too.

    I still take a chance on modified food starch since I live in the USA, it is usually corn or tapioca and I never have a problem. I am EXTREMELY sensitive- walking thru a large bakery dept can give me a headache. The longer you do this, the more you will see the triggers and signs. To me, it is facinating.

    I laugh when people find out I have a food allergy and ask "so what CAN you eat?" I always just smile and say "everything else". :)
  8. greenthumb

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    My mom has celiac; hers exhibits in the form of dermatitis herpetiformus. She buys many of her groceries from gluten free pantry.com.

    One thing to note: my mom's doctor told her that if you are celiac, don't chew gum because the wrappers have gluten in them.

    And if you eat potato chips & other fried snacks, the brand matters because if there's cross contamination in the oil (like if the oil is also used to fry battered things) it will cause problems. So a gluten free store brand would be the best option to avoid hidden problems.

    My mom has a whole list of fast food places that don't fry french fries in the same grease as onion rings, for instance. I think she got it on the celiac website.
  9. shelbo

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    the name...but why don't you ring the phonenumber on the supplement if there's one on it and ask just to be sure? Supplements where I live (UK) usually have written on them whether they are yeast-free, gluten-free,wheat-free etc... Love Shelbo
  10. tansy

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    everywhere regarding wheat grass and gluten or wheat intolerance. It's a bit like gluten intolerance and oats, where there are opposing opnions too. I am gluten intolerant and found wheatgrass a problem, it produced similar symptoms to those I get from gluten. The only product with wheat grass I tolerated was primal defence, but the amount of wheatgrass in that was miniscule. I also have to avoid all oats, even if they're not contaminated with wheat, rye or barley gluten. I tend to do best avoiding most grains except brown rice and quinoa

    Until a while ago I could not tolerate chlorella; now I can, and along with spirulina, it really seems to be helping things along. These algaes are described as functional foods, they provide amino acids, a host of essential nutrients, feed the good flora in our guts, help the body excrete toxins, and more.

    I just wonder if one of these, or even both, would provide a more tolerable alternative to the wheatgrass supplement for you.

    love, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 11/09/2005]
  11. bunnyfluff

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    I had to buy all new products, also.

    I also love Tinkyada pasta. I swear it is just like the real thing.

    I also got HUGE blisters on my face when I tried to take flaxseed oil suppliments, so there must be some problem with that, too. I also have a problem with nickel sensitivity- could never wear earrings with it. Guess what- some foods are high is it- and it was giving me horrible migraines!!! Soy is one of the worst offenders, and I cannot even use soy-based lotions & protein drinks.

    You will get better at it the more stuff you find that causes you misery. It seems overwhelming at first, but it really isn't bad once you get used to it. BTW- LaChoy Soy sauce is the only cheap, commercial one not made w/ wheat.
  12. phoebe1

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    I had no idea! Gluten in envelopes, toiletries, sauces, soy, this seems overwehelming all of a sudden.
    I am going to that site right now, I can't believe how many things contain gluten.
    I went through an intensive detox recently and I am so worried because it seems like everything I eat is bloating me and that I'm going downhill again and that everything I went through was for nothing!

    Thank you so much for your help, I don't know what I would do without you guys!

  13. shelbo

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    I got this off a website dedicated to 'juicing'. It's from a short article on the site about wheatgrass...

    "Wheatgrass juice IS suitable for those who are gluten-free because gluten, the protein element in grain, is converted to amino acids during sprouting".

    You know I can't post the website but if you'd like I could cut and paste the whole article for you as there is a lot of good info in it on the benefits of wheatgrass...let me know...

    Love Shelbo
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    Love Shelbo :)
  15. shelbo

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  16. phoebe1

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    I'm doing better, I just have to be very careful with my diet, thanks for posting that, I'm going to start my wheatgrass capsules again :)
    I bumped my reply to you from my detox post a few times, I don't know if you ever got it but if you click on my username I'm sure you'll find it.

  17. shelbo

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    ...for answering on the detox post!! I am just starting a diet called the Hay's Diet aka Food Combining Diet...but with a twist....no sugar or fruits except lemons and limes which are alkalising to the body. The idea, if you haven't heard of it, is never to combine starch with protein...so you can have starch with veg or protein with veg or just plain veg by itself or salad...veg and salad are alkalising and the diet should be at least 60% veg and salad....but not the starchy kind like sweetcorn, potatoes, peas, pumpkin etc.

    All fruit has to be eaten alone but should be limited! Some fruits are alkalising but she says are just too high in sugar to be of benefit! They should be seen as the occasional treat!

    Tomatoes are alkalising if raw but not if cooked so it is hard to get the old head around!! :) But the book I got claims to have been re-printed before it was even published!!! It has gone on to be re-printed at least twice each year from publication, one year it was re-printed 6 times such was the demand. The fact it has been reprinted so often over the years is a good sign to me as it means it hasn't been exposed as a fad like Atkins, for example.

    Lots of water should be drunk.

    It was written by a nurse. She actually recommends wheatgrass in the book because it is very alkalising to the body! And there are lots of testimonials but nothing over the top! She says she has seen it help allergies, M.E. and Asthma..she doesn't say anything chemical allergies but she has her e-mail address in the book so the reader can ask her questions if they have any....how cool is that!?! I'm gonna write to her and ask! I'm hoping that by following this diet I will be able to tolerate more chemicals!

    She also recs juicing vegetables and drinking straight away! We just ordered a basic juicer to see how it goes! It's not here yet though! Do you have a juicer...I remember you saying you could get veg juiced instore where you are...I would love that but the author does say in the book to drink veg juice immediately after juicing as it starts to lose its vital nutrients really quickly! She says juicing is like a nutrient shot for the body...a real booster and one of the best things you can do!

    Oh..there are no processed foods either!!

    I am ordering some freeze-dried wheatgrass too!!! Want me to paste that article on wheatgrass for you ?

    Are you still feeling the benefits of the detox...? I know you were worried that you were going downhill again..it's a nightmare, isn't it!

    Do you still suffer daily headaches like me? Mine are usually about a nine...I think I am one stage from headaches where you vomit or lose consciousness! This is every day, nearly all day! What about you? Are your eyes still sore too...mine kill and go really red!

    I'm hoping this diet's gonna help! I can give you more details of the book if you're interested?

    Thanks for answering on the detox thread!

    Love Shelbo :)

  18. shelbo

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    Hi Phoebe! See my post above! :) Shelbo
  19. phoebe1

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    Thanks for all the info, and I have heard about the diet you're going onto.
    The thought of drinking juiced vegetables is just too much for me, I want to vomit just thinking about it, even the freshly juiced fruit juice didn't taste nice to me except the pineapple juice.
    When I was on the detox, getting down the beetroot juice it took everything not to throw it right back up again.

    I'm not going downhill thank goodness, it was actually the wheat and gluten making me feel horrible, I'm slowly starting to realis what I can and can't eat.
    Unfortunately raw foods bloat me terribly, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, beans, tomatoes, cauliflower, baby marrow, patti pans etc., even all of these steamed bloats me.

    I bought some rice flour last week and baked myself a bread which seems to agree with me and I'm going to try pancakes and flapjacks too.
    Shelbo, my headaches are SO much better and I haven't had sore eyes in months, I still get them occasionally, but believe it or not I take 2 paracetamols and voila!
    Before the detox I felt exactly like you, it felt like all the bones in my head and face were cracking and I was sure that my head would explode at any time, I wanted to die from the pain.

    If you ever decide to go for the colonics you won't be sorry, I don't regret it for one minute and I thank myself everyday that I did it! LOL
    If I get a headache now it's usually from low BP or extreme heat, but nothing like in the past.
    I did change my diet, I eat a lot of salad, veggies and less red meat and I snack on raw nuts and fruit, when I feel like cheating I have some potatoe chips or 85% dark chocolate, the only things I drink is water, herbal tea and decaf coffee as a treat, I really feel that I've come a long way.
    And I really wish that you can experience the same relief I have from these crippling headaches.
    My heart goes out to you as I know how terrible it is, if there is anything I can do to help or anything else you want to know please ask.

  20. phoebe1

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    B for Shelbo