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  1. budmickl

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    I will go to heaven!

    I had a problem with my wireless phone bill. Nothing big. But I called the 800 number and did their call tree and got to a human.

    The young man was so nice and knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to take care of part of my problem with no questions.

    The $45 in roaming fees from my trip to Chicago last month appears to be valid. OOPS! I guess in March, I changed my plan and didn't have coverage. OK, I'll accept that. I (sort of) jokingly asked him if he could remove the charges anyway since I was such a good customer. He said, no but I can remove $10. Well heck, that's pretty good for an error that I made!

    So at the end of the call, I asked to be transferred to his supervisor to leave a good report. The supervisor wasn't there and I got his voice mail so I left a message stating how happy I was with the service.

    Usually, we report only crappy service. I felt like I needed to let people know that he did a great job and I was pretty happy!

    OK enough of me patting myself on the back.

  2. bevy2most

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    You will definately go to heaven....It is very easy to report bad behavior, some of the good goes overlooked...Good for you!!!
  3. mollystwin

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    I'm so proud of you!!!
  4. painterZ

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    we should try to support and encourage each other as a society on the whole, but on the other hand, shouldn't positive behavior not rude, be what is normal and expected?

    Just a thought.

  5. Busyknitter2

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    I have started reporting good service, behavior as well as bad.

    We had a new cental air/furnace put in. The young men did a wonderful job and even missed their lunch breaks to get it done, they where also very polite and respectful. I wrote a letter to their boss praising these young men. One of them came by to check on the unit, he thanked me and said that his boss made copy of the letter and put it in his mailbox. He was so thrilled, he said that was the first time that anyone had did that.

    We all need to look at the good people do and not just the bad.

  6. budmickl

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    I had to read your post several times to understand what you were saying. Finally, I got it through my confusion!

    Yes, polite and acceptable behavior should be the norm and not singled out as a unique situation.

    But unfortunately, I think most people have become numb to how they treated - good or bad - and just accept it as 'whatever'.

    I think by acknowledging the good service just reinforces the giver that they are being heard and appreciated.

  7. painterZ

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    what you said, I was just trying to point out that it's sort of sad that courtesy isn't the norm. BTW, I don't think you were confused I was having a LOT of trouble finding the right words...sort of like now :)

  8. greygodess

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    Bud: What is the theme on dying in your posts. Is there something you're not telling us?lol Godbless
  9. budmickl

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    When I saw both them at the top of the page, I had the same thought.

    No, I'm not dying, not anytime soon anyway!

    If I do something that is kind (way out of character for me!) I always say I should die today so I'll go to heaven. Of course, the actions of one day isn't going to determine if I get to heaven or wherever.

    And my mom was telling me about my b/i/l's granny dying and it just seemed so odd, till everyone here with cool heads, explained to me how it could happen.

    Nope, not dying soon!

    Happy Holidays!