If I file for disabilty, can I work at all?

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  1. jackiegraye

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    Well, I am about to file for disability, and I wanted to know if I could work at all during this period. I'd like to try and work again, but I suspect I'll be able to keep up for a few week and then have to quit.

    I appreciate yur help.

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    Hi jackiegraye,
    I ended up passing out at work and my doc at hospital told me I needed to finally quit work. I called HR where I worked and because of my time invested, I qualified for disability from work (after giving 2 wks notice). That started right away. My doc told me to go to Soc Security office and bring forms to him. The SSD began about 3 mos later. The SSD paperwork says one can still be on SSD and work something like 20 hrs/wk. I wish I could!

    Good luck.
  3. 69mach1

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    it has great info on it....do not quit your job...go on disability...they may need to keep your posistion open for you for up to a year depending on size of company and laws in yor state....

    yes you can work while you have applied for ssdi/ssi...but it is always a good idea to be off work for atleast one year first...but go to the website...

    i had worked during my ssdi appeal process...i had no choice..no child support...i did get fired from one jobe...attorney told me that would work in my favor, i couldn't multi-task...

    i had tanf tell me i needed to go to work...i couldn't understand because i told my case worker i applied ofr ssdi and had surgery scheduled etc...

    well the caseworker referred me to theis calworks program...i got a job and was crying while at work couldn't sleep pain...it goes on and on...finally this calwork counselfor called me at home and said i could not work and tey would get into trouble if they told me to work...and i shuld've never been referred to them...i said i was doing what the state told me to do..

    the judge at my hearing knew about me working...and didn't make a big deal about it...o don't even know if he even questioned it at the time...

  4. NyroFan

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    I also believe that one can work part time, but will not get full benefits when the time comes. It will be reduced by how much you work.