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    My memory is so bad I ain't sure if I have already posted this question.I have severe pitting edema of the feet and ankles.No doctor has been able to tell me why or to help at all.I am 43 and one ankle began swelling when I was 12 and the other joined in when I was 23 and that is the worse one.I've been on water pills and I pee every 15 minutes plus I feel sick.The water pills only are a temporary fix.I get about 1 day of my feet and ankles being half the swollen size.I did noticed that the less sugar I eat the better the swelling.But I hvaen't had normal feet and ankles since forever,HELP!!!! Anybody else got this?
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    Is your blood glucose and blood pressure within the normal range?

    Do you take any medicines known to cause edema?

    Does anyone else in your immediate family have pitting edema?

    Is your kidney function normal, or have you had the results of a kidney function test return as normal?

    Are you thirsty a lot and do you drink a lot of liquids?

    Have you ever tried reducing the salt in your diet? Too much salt can cause the tissue in your ankles to retain water.

    When is the last time you had a complete metabolic panel blood test, and was all the results normal, i.e. the sodium and the chloride etc?

    Is there a history of heart or kidney disease in your family?

    You don't have to answer my quiz for sure, but these are some things for you to consider. If you do give me more info, I may can give you more info :)

  3. poeticbobbi

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    Thanks for your quiz Im gonna run this stuff by my Dr.,because the cause may be in one of these things they never bothered to test.I know for sure they never tested my kidneys, because I am allergic to the dye they use.
  4. Fmandy

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    I forgot to tell you yesterday that my feet and ankle/lower legs swell too. I take blood pressure meds and beta blockers which are bad to cause edema. My face, abdomen and hands swell from edema also. I have a touch of MVR and my heart is not just right, especially the mitral valve.

    I also do not take my potent diuretic Lasix everyday, like I should. I don't like it. Long time use has affected my hearing. That is one of the possible side effects. Plus you have to take prescription strength potassium with each dose of Lasix or you will become hypokalemic fast. This can be fatal.

    I have also built a tolerance for Lasix. 20 mg used to make me pee all day. Now it takes 80 mg to do the same thing. I know some who take 180 mg/day...

    The kidney test I am speaking of is just where you give them a specimen of normal urine. They look for things a normal kidney would not release into the urine. No dye on that test.

    I think they also test your blood for the complete kidney function test. Again no dye required for that test. I am sure there are some specific kidney test that do use these strong dyes.

    It seems like you have a congenital (from birth) problem, being that your one ankle started swelling at a young age.

    Hope you find out what is causing this. In the meantime I think you would benefit from elevating your feet above your heart for 15 - 20 minutes twice a day. Hard to do when you have young ones to tend I know.

    Good luck,


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