if i have lyme does my boyfriend have it also??

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    I'm just curious whether or not my boyfriends at risk to having lyme if i've had it? If we have unprotected is this possible? I would feel horrible if he was ever exposed because of me, does anyone have any idea about this?
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    The verdict is still out on this but most LLMD's will tell you that yes it is very communicable. My LLMD told me lyme is found in saliva, bodily fluids,and blood. I've heard it's more difficult for a woman to pass to a man and also how active it is at the time. I just met both husband and wife at my LLMD's office the other day, I asked the husband their story and he says he got it from her.

    I've been with a few people since having symptoms of lyme and none of them have lyme symptoms, but I wonder... especially my one long term boyfriend of 4 years who I'm no longer with.

    So, yes it is very likely... use safe sex, you don't want a child at your age much less one that could be infected with lyme!
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    I don't believe it is transmissable in saliva, the picture would look VERY different if you could get it from kissing like a common cold.

    Other TBD may be transmissble--for instance viruses.

    We have a soup of bugs.

    Couples generally spend time together in tick endemic areas and most people bit by a tick don't know it.

    I do believe it is transmitted during pregnancy--that makes sense.

    It is a vector borne illness. It has adapted to the tickgut and being transferred into the blood.
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    It is possible that lyme is sexually transmitted because it is found in the body fluids.

    Many couples and even entire families are found to have lyme disease. It could be that it was transmitted sexually, or for the children while they were in utero or breastfeeding. It is also possible that the couples or families were all exposed environmentally to the disease.

    I can tell you that both my husband and I have lyme disease. Neither of us ever had a known bite, nor a rash, so we don't know where or when we got it. It's possible that one of us contracted it and infected the other. Guess we'll never know.

    Does your boyfriend have any symptoms? It would be wise to watch for any.

    Good health to you both,