If I have to back-off

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  1. tedebear

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    what do I do in the meantime.
    Oh my aching back, legs, etc....
    Saw my pain doc today. I have had too much pain meds injected in the last month, so they have to back off for about 3 months. Said I would end up in the wheelchair again if I get too much meds and the bones will get brittle. Meantime, what do I do for the pain until then. Any suggestions. I already take my 16 pills a day and the pain patch every three days.
    Ouch. Soft hugs. Welcome suggestions.
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    You didn't say what you are taking for pain. Some other things I find helpful are heating pad, rice socks, epsom salts baths to name a few. I also do stretches which help keep my muscles from becoming so tight. In addition I see a massage therapist every week and also go to a chiropractor who does manual manipulation and Active Release Techniques. Some people also find help with PT.

  3. tedebear

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    I take skelaxan, vioxx, vicodin, etc...
    What are rice packs???
    I see a PT twice a week for the past 6 weeks. I have 6-8 more treatments. They take the edge off the pain for the day I get the treatments.
    Thanks for the help. Soft hugs.
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    You do have it bad, don't you. I'm the wrong one to give you advise. Mainly wanted to say I'm really sorry you are hurting so badly. I've had a couple bad spells with my knees that hurt so much I dreaded going to the bathroom! So, I kind of understand, other than that Vioxx, and a muscle relaxer helps me. When I hurt
    extra I use corn bags, (Some are made of beans.) heat them up, put them on them pain and take something to knock myself out. Doesn't take much for me, usually a PM something. I know not everyone has the freedom to do that so it's not very good advise. I hope you can keep moving and you don't get worse. Praying for you, SharN