if only everyone understood us

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    I get so tired of trying to explain how I feel to people only to have them say, "oh yeah, I know what you mean...I feel the same way. It's just because we're getting older", or, "maybe if you just get more exercise you'd feel better".

    My mother has gone through all my ups and downs with me, knowing all too well how sometimes I just cannot do anything, or that if I do too much, I pay for it.

    Yet, she can still tell me that I feel the way I do because I don't get enough exercise and then when I do I feel sore.

    Why can't they get it when they see our pain and what we have to go through each and every day?

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    I think it is hard since they are not going through it personally themselves. Plus, the fact that we don't look sick makes it harder for people to realize that we truly are seriously ill. I have found that FMS is hard to understand-no one knows why we have it and the fact there is no cure. I find that it is hard to explain to people and people for some reason have a harder time comprehending something that is chronic versus something that eventually gets better and goes away. Or if you have a serious illness that is fatal-people comprehend this better, too.

    This doesn't help us much as we do need the emotional support. I am so thankful for this board. Without it I know I wouldn't be doing as well emotionally.

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    First I would like to say, "I've been there and I imagine most of us on this board have been there".

    I don't know who posted this but I looked it up and it is really something I think you would benefit from reading.

    Just type The Spoon Theory in your search engine on your computer and read what this lady has written, (plus there are other very good things on this site). She has Lupus but it most definately fits all of us. I copied it off and my hubby read it and said he was glad that someone wrote it and said he hopes it helps a lot of people understand what we are going through.

    Thank You to whoever posted this in the first place.

    Don't worry about what others say, just come to this site because you won't have anyone here doubting how you feel. This site has been a blessing for me.

    Good Luck and Hang in There,