If Our Anxiety/Depression Is Caused By CFS/FM Is There Hope

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. greatgran

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    I posted this on the depression board but wanted to bring it to this board .

    I have suffered with anxiety before CFS/FM but nothing compared to now. Then I could take a xanax and be fine.

    Now the symptoms are so DIFFERENT and WORSE so my question is why would meds work then and not now? Also if the anxiety/depression is a result of CFS/FM I am confused as to the treatment.

    Seems to me I need to treat the CFS/FM first then maybe there would be less depression/anxiety.

    I am probably not making a lick of sense guess I am just venting as I hate the anxiety/depression days worse than the fatigue /achey days.

    Also the weird head feelings that come with the anxiety/depression days, can anyone relate?


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  2. greatgran

    greatgran Member

  3. Rafiki

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    is relevant to both panic attacks and muscle pain following over-exertion. It could be very helpful to understand exactly how and why.

    Perhaps something that addresses this issue would fix the anxiety symptoms as well as the physical ones.

    I see abundant reason for hope.



  4. MrsMarvls

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    I know that I have had to deal with depression far longer than I have dealt with FM, since back in my teens. Finally got a family doctor who understood (family doctors see and treat lots of cases of clinical depression where psych docs are not involved), realizing that no amount of 'talking' to a psych doctor was going to improve my lot. I started on Wellbutrin, went along for a couple of months doing 'okay' but not great, so doctor increased dosage. That seemed to do the trick, but then one day, I plummeted emotionally and we added Zoloft. I have done pretty good on that mix since 05 but have been pretty much on the bubble emotionally for about 6 months, so I am going in to see family doc this week to get an adjustment to meds.

    When he first put me on the Zoloft, he told me that it works differently than the Wellbutrin, and Prozac works another way that Zoloft and Wellbutrin do not. He has had patients on all three Rx's to treat their depression, all with good outcome.

    I am sure that my most recent decline is a direct result of this DD and have discussed same with my rheumatologist, who is greatly in favor of my working on the depression to help with my FM. Terrible vicious cycle, isn't it? Depression aggrevates the FM and FM makes me depressed (living with the pain is one thing, but I find that dealing with the restrictions it is placing on my life is the hardest .)

    Personally I would check with your doctor to see if there is something other than Xanax to use since the type of emotional symptoms seemed to have changed for you.
  5. greatgran

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    I will try to describe my weird head feelings they are so hard to describe.

    Its like I just don't feel right in the head, almost like the inside of my head is dizzy, even though I am not, now sometimes I do have vertigo attacks and they are awful.

    There is a fullness feeling, a feeling of going crazy, I just don't feel right. Of course I feel foggy, anxious, blurry vision, can't stand lights, noise, and have to go to bed.

    Sometimes I could just scream but don't I just cry.

    Honestly, I can't describe it, now I know why the doctor just gives me that look.

    Can you relate to what I am trying to say?


  6. bellydonna

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    you make sense. i get it completely.

    For my part,
    In the 1980s, "pre-FMS/CFS" had a name. I was told I was depressed and docs contributed all my health problems to depression.
    In the 1990s, when the tems fms/cfs became known, I was told I was had fms/cfs and docs contributed all my health problems to fms/cfs.

    Now, in 2000s, some docs are taking me more seriously or at least not minimizing my health problems.

    IMHO, waking-up every morning still exhausted, feeling like I got ran over by a truck, and living with most of my body in-pain most of the time perpetuates depression for me.

    I don't know if depression "caused" fms for me, or the other way around. For yself, I'm no longer very concerned "how" it all started because for me that isn't necessarily where I'll find the answers to ending it.

    I *do* believe that if I can manage or cure the fms then the depression will be managed/stop.

    "weird head feeling on depression days" do youmean achey-sorta "I can't pay attention" feeling?
  7. Have always been anxious but with this illness it was a totally different ballgame. The wierd head feelinng,like things aren't right around you?

    I will be on the phone and it hits and I don't know how to explain that I can't go on.Here you are talking and eveything is fine and it hits you.YOu alomost feel like you had a seizure or something.

  8. landra

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    that you feel foggy and anxious, have blurry vision and can't stand lights and noise and have to go to bed. (Migraine maybe?) Add that your head feels "dizzy" (disequilibrium probably - you feel like your equilibrium is off, even thought you don't have vertigo.) That's how you just described those weird head feelings to us.

    Do you develop vertigo after the weird head feelings? Do you have allergies or sinus problems at those times? Are your ears "stuffy"? - Stuffy ears and allergies have to do with an inner ear problem which affects our balance.

    Re: depression. Depression is a biochemical imbalance - whether caused by situational factors (our DD's) or chronic as for some opf us. Antidepressants can help with that imbalance. And some antidepressants can help with anxiety and not be addicting like xanex. (People are going to rply that anti-depressants are addicting - but please that is another discussion.)

    I have chronic depression and truly believe I would not be on this earth still if I did not use the anti-depressants. I would suggest you give them a try.

  9. greatgran

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    Thanks for your input.

    I use to have horrible migraines so no it isn't that. The weird head feelings come at different times , sometimes after the vertigo and sometimes when I don't have vertigo.

    My doctor always says sinusitius so I am seeing an immunologist tomorrow. That is if I can get there.

    I have tried many different AD'a but have never found one I can tolerate, I sure wish I could.

    Sometimes I think my feelings might be anxiety but never had this until after CFS/FM

    I do hope the immuneologist will be of help.

    Thanks again , so glad the antidepressant works for you,


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