If RF and ANA are negative does that exclude autoimmune disease?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suz9601, May 24, 2005.

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    I am trying to figure out why I have gotten so much worse in the past year or so. I had my ANA and RF factor done last year and they were both negative, does that mean that I haven't turned autoimmune? Or could I still be and these be negative? Thanks
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    Unfortunately, you may still have an autoimmune disease without having RF and ANA tests that are negative. I am a perfect example, I was diagnosed with RA even with neg results on the above tests. I read that there is another test, it is the Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide CCP AB IGG that can sometimes be positive when the others are neg. I would ask your doc about that test. But, I hope that you are neg totally and do not have anything. A doc can diagnose you by your symptoms even if the tests are neg., for instance, it could be OA or RA or Lupus, etc. Tell your doc every ache and pain that you have and for how long and if you ever run a low grade fever. Good Luck from New Orleans.
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    I'm on the North Shore and was wondering who it was you were seeing. My old rhuemy is in Kenner, and I've been being treated on the North Shore since I moved here a year ago. My internist wants me to see a rhuemy (I think to diagnose RA) even though in the past I have had negative ANA and RF tests. They just reran both both of those, along with the ,CRP, CCP, ESR (always high, though not too high with prednisone). Two tests were ordered that I've never had before, CSR( I can't find any info about this test anywhere) and Prot Elec. I'm still waiting for the test results.

    Anyway, I was curious as to who diagnosed the RA, and what they are doing for it.

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    Dear Ariel,
    My Rheumy's name is Dr. Julio Bravo, he is located on Houma Blvd., right behind East Jefferson Hospital. I was just recently diag. and had exrays and blood tests done, I have not gone back to him yet. I got my blood test back from Quest before I even went back to the Doc. He diagn. me the first day, but has not called me back yet. I will call him very soon, I do not know yet if he is going to start me on meds or not. So, if I can help with any other quest, just holler. Good Luck in New Orleans
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    Like the previous poster said, having a negative RF and ANA does not rule out autoimmune diseases.

    Take me, I have SLE (lupus) and my ANA factor is normally negative.

    However, I have a ton of the other symptoms of lupus. It has affected my heart, my skin, and now I have iritis, an inflammation of the iris of my eye which was directly due to the lupus.