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  1. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Some one that is new here posted a ?.She or he was very upset in a few other post.

    Just think people need to know.That I myself do not always answer a post if I have not had the problem.

    So if you get no replies don't get upset. Maybe no one has had that problem.I for one will only answer if Ive had that problem.

    And yes I post sometimes and no one answers .Sometimes the board runs very fast and I will see a reply a day latter or even none.Its always nice to see if anyone has had the same as I do .But I do always consult with my doctor about everything including the answers I get here on the board.

    An yes we share our recipes photos pet story's and other things in our lives.

    Sometimes we need these things to keep up sane.I for one love the funny stories and photos they take my mine off my troubles.I can sit and read for hours.

    It is part of me wanting to know my new found family.MY FM and CFS family who I care about.

    So please don't be upset and at the end of someones post who did some exchanging of ideas any rude comment's thats not needed here .

    (((((HUGS E1 )))))


  2. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I saw no one had answered your post yet and didn't want ya to get upset!! lol! JK..

    Your right on.. This board moves so fast it's hard to keep up.. I know I sometimes scan for posts that haven't been answered just to bump them up if I don't know the answer.. I think for the most part this is a loving and caring group.. we do need the social aspects of this board not just the dang I'm sick posts.. Alot of folks on this board are home bound and this is the only social interaction they get.. Rudeness isn't needed.. reaching out from the heart will get ya alot further!
    Hugs back at ya Sue..

    LEFTYGG Member

    I agree we only ned positive comments. once i posted something and got a negative response and i sat there and cried. so silly of me but sometimes anything will make me cry. i dont post often because i type slow and its frustrating but i truly appreciate everyone here.
  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Well said.

  5. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    try not to take everything typed too personally as well. Sometimes it may come accross as too harsh but it was not ment to. I often fear what I respond may sound bad.

    I also suggest that if you see a post that has not been responded to - please bump it again. Sometimes it is just missed the first time around and the second time it will grab someone's attention.

    I love the stories and pictures - it makes me seem closer to the fm family here:)

  6. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    I'm often worried that my posts might sound rude or too abrupt.

    If I ever hurt anyone's feelings please let me know, because I would never ever intend to. Ever. We don't need that here.

    I love the OT posts too... very valuable to me.
  7. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    I only get an hour or two a day to be online. May sound like a lot, but when you have a few other sites you visit and lots of email to check, time just flies. I don't think any of us here have time to read every post every day.

    If the title is very descriptive, it's more likely to get a click. ~The title should summarize the post.~ That way it catches the eye of the members who have experience in that area -- or members who just want to be supportive -- and should get more responses. Just my HMO :).
  8. Alyndra

    Alyndra New Member

    I was taught that if I didn't have anything nice to say; then at least say it with a smile on my face.

    Usually the bigger the smile - the worse I have to say.

    I'm still grinning ear to ear about recent posts that I'm sure we're all aware of by now.

    Suzetal, you are completely right in everything you said - I just find the fact that it needed to be said more then a little disheartening.

  9. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    but just know, that anytime anyone puts anything out there, it is getting read. It's often sheer exhaustion (or winter depression) that keeps me in read only mode. But I'm sure I speak for many people when I say, I may only read a post, but my heart goes out to the person in a big way. There is much compassion here, much, much more than ever gets posted.

  10. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    we all need to be heard. People don't usually post things just for the heck of it, it takes too much energy. If you have a hurt or an urgent need to vent or talk and you don't get much of any responses, even if you DON"T have the answers, sometimes we just need to know that others care and can feel our frustration. Right? For alot of us, this is the only place we can go to get heard.
    Sometimes it feels like a slap in the face from a "friend" when a post like what's the most popular name gets tons of posts gets tons of answers ( and I answered that one too,) And someone crying out for understanding gets ignored. We aren't asking you to solve our problems, just to listen and tell us you understand our pain and will pray for us.
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