If you are concerned about war in Afghanistan

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    watch this: http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/01152010/profile2.html -

    It's Bill Moyer's interview last night of Greg Mortenson, co-author of Three Cups of Tea - a fantastic book, cannot recommend it highly enough. Mr. Mortenson is responsible for getting built 131 schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, he's extremely knowledgeable about the region and the people there, U.S. top military commanders are now being required to read his book.

    I have trouble watching the news, cannot take the bad stuff like I used to. But this interview is uplifting, hopeful and very intelligent - Mr. Mortenson knows whereof he speaks.

    Read the book if you can - I got it from the library - it reads like an adventure story. And see the interview if nothing else -

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    Thanks for the book recomendation!,,sounds good!,,I like to read true life stories!,,sis
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    You are welcome. Mortenson was a high altitude climber, and on a return from a failed attempt to climb K2, second highest peak in the world, he got lost on the way down, ended up in an impoverished Pakistani village where the people took him in and helped him get back his strength. The children had no school, squatted in the dirt with sticks to learn. Mortenson vowed to return and build a school for them. He started with nothing, it's a fascinating story, finally ended up with some serious backing and the Central Asia Institute was founded - you can google it, and learn more about what they are doing now in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. I think this work is much more important for creating peace than fighting.

    In his interview with Bill Moyers he talks about the Taliban and it's just not a simplistic issue of let's bomb them till they go away or give up.

    Do read the book - I got it from the library. He has a new one out that contiues the story, Stones into Schools, which I have not read but plan to.

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    This sounds really interesting!,,,The wierd thing is that when i went to High school in Eureka MT. there was a guidance councler there named Greg Mortenson,,,I'm sure it's not the same person ,,,,,But anyway My Middle gal and her Dh. are Teachers and i'm going to recommend this book to them also!,,,,Off to google!,,,Thanks!!,,,sis
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    I have read the book, "Three Cups of Tea" and found it very interesting. Greg Mortenson has come out with a new book. I am also a teacher.

    I have bookmarked the Bill Moyers interview and will watch it later.


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    sis -that's interesting about your guidance counselor. Do recommend the book to teachers, I think they would appreciate it very much.

    gap - I was very curious to see the Bill Moyers' interview after reading the book, and was not at all disappointed, am very impressed with Mr. Mortenson. I'm sure you will be too - I didn't know you were a teacher either. I think it's a great story for children. Actually, there is a version of the book for younger people, I think teens or early teens you might want to check out.