If you are ill, low income and need work done on your home

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    Both DH and I have FM and CFS and I have arthritis. He is the only one getting disability as I have just applied.

    This is important if you need it.


    OIC is Occupational Industrialization Center

    Bill and I needed a lot of work done on our home. I had tried to paint 2 rooms but did myself in.

    I saw on the news that a lady had her house painted due to it being old and having lead paint and it cost her nothing.

    GET THIS: They have other programs besides painting a house that has lead paint. You have to qualify by income, and if your income is below a certain amount it if done FREE. If you go over that limit they may still do the work as they did for us but put a gov't lien on your home THAT YOU NEVER HAVE TO PAY UNLESS YOU SELL THE HOME, and then sometimes it can be transfered.

    We are having the lien but they work they are doing is over $20,000 worth.

    If you need insulation, your windows are bad and many other things you may qualify for the weatherization program.

    You can apply for more then 1 program.

    We got our home painted outside this spring. This past winter we got the inside of our home redone, in fact they are still working. They spent about 16 weeks here.

    Here is what they have done in addition to painting the outside of our home.

    Because our old carpet was getting a couple wrinkles, they replaced it as it is a "tripping" hazard. So, new carpet in living room, guest room and computer/sun room. The vinyl in the utility room was cracked at center so I kept tripping on it. So we got new vinyl flooring in utility room, kitchen, and my bathroom.

    We got new handicapped toilets in both baths.

    There was an old flu in between the living room and kitchen which they tore out as they had to provide us with a hood with fan and light over our cook stove. They put in a new cabinet to match our others over the stove since they had to put in exhaust fan.

    We found we had some bad wiring. They rewired coming into the house, put in new and larger breaker box and more outlets, and new wiring and repaired some boxes in the attic that needed it. To do this they had to cut down two huge old trees that were getting bad and we were afraid may fall on the house.

    They have painted all the rooms in our home.

    They put in new lights and ceiling fans in our bath rooms.

    They made a new trap door for the crawl space under our house.

    New fire and smoke alarms wired in, not battery.

    Our side-by-side refrigerator was getting old and not cooling right all the time so we got a new refrigerator.

    There is more but that is all I can think of now.

    They had done weatherization, insulation blown in and new windows on this house once before my husband bought it.

    Our home is a one story farm house built in about the late 1930's and added on to a couple times later.

    IF YOU ARE IN DIRE NEED OF REPAIRS, ETC. and you qualify money wise this is a very good program.

    Thank God for this as we would never have been able to afford or do this work ourselves.

    Just one thing I thought of besides the food banks to help people. A lot of states have OIC programs.

    Good luck!

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    we have so many things that need repair and updates and we just don't have the money....hubby works a very good job but it just is never enough...there is 6 of us...the kids activities and food for a big family....all the regular bills...

    i am embarrassed of all the holes in our kitchen vinyl floor....the old furniture...our old vehicles....the shingles on our garage...everything is outdated in our home...

    we can't afford a painter and I am too weak to paint so I just stare at the ugly walls....

    you are truly very lucky to have found this source for help! enjoy all the new fresh stuff in your house!
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    You could qualify anyway with that many children.

    You have to reach out and see what is available.
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    Once again, great information.

    THanks, GA
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