If you can possibly go to Madwolf pls do it for you

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. JaciBart

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    Sorry I have not yet written on my appt on Thurs afternoon with Madwolf, it was wonderful.

    I never imagined that with this dd I would actually get respect from a medical professional.

    He listens, you do not have to explain in detail every single little aspect of the symptom you are describing, you can just say "I have the twitching thing, I have the lack of sexual desire thing and I have the migraines and the constipation, etc and he actually gets it.

    I was asked to purchase a book written by his associate on medical pain management and I thougth "Yeah right, like I don't know it all............I hurt very bad, give me drugs" but I really have a whole new mindset on the pain management as a result of the book, it was very good, not thru it yet but I am getting there. Very good information, we should all send on to our incompetent docs! You see, we all, as pain sufferers have been made to feel like a druggie because we want to be as pain free as possible. I found myself justifying my need for pain meds just out of habit, and because there is such a stigma to this. I had to catch myself and say "shut up, he knows".

    I will write more praise and more info tomorrow or sunday as I am in a major flare because of the drive, it is 3.5 hours each way and that just kills me the next day.

    I would a HIGHLY recommend any of you who can to get to him, asap. There is no way I would see another doc of any type as long as he is an option. The drive is very hard but it is worth it, maybe I can talk my hubby into moving so I can be closer to Madwolf!!!!

    Looks like Cody is going to live with his mom soon so it would not be an issue to move him, I am planning on making this a regular part of my "hourly nag and bitch" session at my hubby. Heeee heeee, just kidding.

    I am having way worse pain today in my neck even with the patch and oxycodone but it is not Madwolf's fault, he did offer me a 75 mg fentanyl instead of 50 but I was afraid that it would just make me more tired as the one I have now does, and I said no but with a flare like I am having today nothing cuts it. I will have to look into the possibility to staying over up there in Spokane or having someone drive me, I will figure it out. For you Spokane people he is just about 30 min north of you.

    They do not have any decent antique stores in his town tho, I did enlighten him to that and express my disgust in that.

    He is wonderful, definitely, we are all truly blessed to have him.

  2. Kathryn

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    you need to come down my way. There are at least 10 in this town of roughly 1000 people. The local auction (that I used to work at) has 6 sales per year that are nothing but antiques and collectibles. The rest of the year they are sold along with the regular merchandise. Auctions every Saturday starting at 4. There are people who drive 100 miles each way every weekend. Best entertainment in Douglas County, Oregon. If I know you're coming, I'll even save you a seat.
  3. Lendi

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    I'm so happy you had a good appt. It's the pits you have to go through misery afterward. I sure wish I was somewhere near Madwolf. I'd see him in a heartbeat. But, alas I'm from the middle of no-where. I do feel so blessed that he shares on this board. I have seriously learned more from him than from my own Dr's. Hmmm, maybe we can talk him into doing telephone appts. like Dr. Cheney. Hey, Madwolf. What do ya think? I'd be willing to pay :)
  4. Mikie

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    I am so glad that the appt. went so well, but I knew it would. I wish we all were able to have good docs and PA's.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Achy-shaky

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    Jaci - what an opportunity for a business in something you love! That's one of my retirement dreams...to have a craft and antique store but I would have to do it in northern Minnesota where I have relatives. If I wasn't so far I'd go see Madwolf too. I love the idea of phone appointments. If we are already dx I would think there really isn't a reason to go in person. I agree we are all blessed to have him on the board but you are especially blessed to be able to see him. I used to be able to drive a straight 6-8 hrs without a problem, now one hour kills me so I can relate. Next time make it an overnight trip so you can enjoy it more.

    What was the name of the book? Can we get it somewhere?

    Thanks for the update Jaci - hope your flare eases soon.
  6. pamela

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    I knew he was great. So glad you got to see him and so sorry about your flare. We are blessed to have him and you as you both offer so much to the board. Thanks a bunch!! Pammy
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    To Jacibart 03/22/03 10:09 AM

    I'm so glad you had a great visit with madwolf. It is no surprise to me that it went well.
    As far as your love of antiques goes, come to florida. I live in Dade City, and we are a very small town, but are known world wide as the antique capital of the world!
    See ya there! LOL