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    I had one of those no good very little sleep nights. The first post I read is somebody getting thrashed for daring to say that Supplements are'nt working. What is with that arrogant attitude? Not everyone gets help from them.Some because their age is a factor.Some because they have other health problems.And oh yes because some Supps are unnecessary,unneeded and ineffective. I have an open mind and am willing to try anything to feel better. But until I personally see results from a supp. all these claims of miraculous cures are just that.Aside from that a lot of us are on fixed incomes and can't afford to run down to our local health food store and try them. I live in a rural area with country docs who have'nt got any knowledge of FM. I wanted to try some of these treatments I've read about on this board. My local VA clinic doc said all this info from this board is anecdotal with no studies to back the claims. No I can't see another doc that understand FM. VA has none. If I could their too far away.Bottom line is everyone is in a different boat,needing a life line. I thought thats what this board was.Don't judge anyone. If you've found all the answers your lucky .Most of us are still sick looking for answers. Thanks for letting me rant.Excuse my run on sentences.Grammar was never my strong point.I hope we all find that magic pill someday.So sick of this DD----Terry
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    I've been aware of this problem for over 15 years.

    It's very difficult for people on low incomes to buy supps, in that situation any you do buy have to do the job, you just cannot afford to get it wrong.

    I can tell you from all my experience, and believe me it's substantial, that people can and do get better with just a few basic supps or even none at all. Not everyone can even tolerate them.

    My knowledge of CFS is considerably greater than it is on FM but I can tell you that people with CFS have got better through finding the right diet, pacing, changing lifestyle, fresh air, being positive (I mean that in a non judgemental way) and concentrating on taking care of themselves.

    Sometimes people just get carried away with their excitement and become insensitive to other's predicaments. So sorry this happened to a board user.


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    Some on this board have had years where they have found a regime that works for them. Some of us are not that far in our journey yet. I really don't understand the need for all the sarcasm and anger when someone does not find relief they way you have or is not as blessed with financial resources to pursue so many supplements and treatments. I mentioned this rant to my rheumy and he said it is ridiculous to assume that your regime will have any where near the results for another. He said different bodies, different needs, different chemistries. He also pointed out the causes of fibro are many and elaborate. I guess I am just saying there is as little tolerance for this DD on this board at times as there is amongst the norms. We should be able to find compassionate debate here.
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    seems to be a negative advert for the natural lifestyle.!!!!!!! [to stop confusion i didn't mean terry, i meant sue]

    sue looks like she is spoiling for a fight and it s not on.

    we are here to support and inform each other.

    People having a different point of view is allowed.

    TERRY, not everything works for everyone.

    There is no magic pill.
    we are all doing our best to find what answers we can ....and there is help, but i am not sure there is a cure as such.
    i have been much worse than i am now.....and i hope to get much better, however i am still very ill.
    I agree with a lot of what you said and DON'T GIVE UP LOOKING

    best wishes

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    i hope you didn't think i meant you were spoiling for a fight !
    i meant Sue.........i agreed with most of what you said
    please tell me you have read this and know i didn't mean you

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    I did think you were sticking up Sue---Sorry. Having one of those groggy days with little sleep. Probably why that earlier post bothered me. Have a good day and a restful night you all . Thanks for your posts
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    I'm so sorry you had a bad night, sleep means everything. I aslo wanted to tell you that I can't afford all the natural supplement stuff myself. I wish I could, but I'm not working since last summer.
    I have a friend who saids I don't have a fibro problem, that I have a candida problem and need supplements.
    If I could I'd give the stuff a try. I just put my hope in God and pray he will help me.
    I hope you have a good day Terry