If you had the choice of 2 Docs who would you choose?

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  1. HppeandMe

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    Hi Friends,

    I have chronic Lyme disease as well as a horrible case of CFS. I was wondering if you had the choice if you would do a phone consultation with Dr. Murphee (I am to far away from him) or go to the Gilbert Clinic which is very close to me but very pricey (although they do finance). Does anybody know anyone who has had success with either?

    By the way, I have seen one of the top docs Dr. Teitelbaum and have had no success. I have also been to the Fibro and Fatigue clinic with no success.

    Thanks for your help!! I am in desperate need to make a decision and I can't afford both!!

    Thanks again!
  2. spacee

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    Where are those lymies when you need them?? Oh, I would NOT go to a CFS doc at all. No matter what the diagnosis. I would find the best LLMD. (Lyme Literate MD), I could find and go there.

    There are so many people who were diagnosed as having CFS and turns out it was lymne.

    That's all I know. I am not familiar with any LLMDS...very sorry about that.

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    Just a shot in the dark, why not a rheumatologist? Have you ever tried on.

    I am not familiar with what you have tried, so am just guessing.

    My rheumy takes care of all the FM/CFS.

    He also treats Lyme patients.

    Just a suggestion and like I said: a shot in the dark.

  4. HppeandMe

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    Please help me on what doctor you would choose if you if you had to make the choice and why?

    Has anyone known anyone to get better with either of these to docs?

    Thanks Hope