If you have FM/CFS with forward head position, TMJ, Sleep Apnea, etc...

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    If you have FM/CFS with forward head position, TMJ, Sleep Apnea, etc...

    Have you considered OSB (oral system balancing) treatment??? (1-800-977-1945. Ask for an OSB doctor in your area or go to expert Dr. R. in Tacoma )

    It is very important the for tongue, jaw, throat, and spine to be in balance in order for your ANS (autonomic nervous system) to work right. If this is out of balance, our intake of oxygen is limited and our body switches to the flight-or-fight system of the ANS to adjust. The body increases the level of adrenaline to compensate. High adrenaline can cause high sensitivity and reactiveness, anxiety and panic attacks, as well as sensitivity to smells, food, sounds, and certain situations. High levels of adrenaline and low levels of oxygen leads to many problematic symptoms sets.

    I met Kim who had FM but is well now, thanks to OSB.

    I met Dr. N. who had Chronic Lyme, had a heart attack, and at risk for stroke. OSB treatment balanced his ANS (autonomic nervous system) and his Lyme symptoms are gone! He is educating doctors and is an advocate for us to get this help.

    My daughter, age 22, chronically ill for 10 years has CFIDS, FM, Chronic Lyme & coinfections, etc. She was not responding to treatments until we met Dr. J. in KS. But then she couldn't improve further because of ANS trouble and no past treatments had fixed it. He referred us to Dr. R.

    Just wanted to let you all know about this if it applies to your condition. Many doctors don't know about referring you for OSB.

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