If you have Lyme what state do you live in

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by grace54, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Just trying to get an idea where people here are finding out they have lyme. I know it has been found in all 50 states. I am from N.Michigan and DR's up here dismis the idea that Lyme may be in area but I have Talked to a family of three near me who have it and I talked with a nurse last week and she said she is hearing of it more frequently all the time.

    I am still waiting for my test results so I don't know yet if I have it but still would like to know where it is being found. Thank you all.
    PS,Did you know when you got infectd and see a tick or rash????????
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  3. victoria

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    From the maps I have seen, the upper midwest is as black as the northeast, that includes Michigan, Wisc., Minn. and down into Illinois and elsewhere...

    Of course, it all stops at the Canadian border whether in the midwest or the northeast... amazing border control up there I must say!


  4. fmfriend

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    CDC posative.
    Drs dont think it exists here but they are very mistaken.I had 21 collected ticks on a piece of tape that had bitten me, 5 at one time and developed 5 rashes.

    My PCP never even tested me. As I grew sicker and sick extremely fast.I went to a LLMD and was filled in.Had the proper testing done.I have several tick born illnesses with many Co existing Infection.

    There is a lyme organization here in Raliegh with monthly meetings and many attend.

    MY neighbor had rocky mountain spotted tick fever 3 years ago
    Another neighbor has it and is on a 24 hour suicie watch.

    Previously bitten on Martas Vineyard Island With A rash -Went untreated. Many times bitten but did nott have a rash too. Drs Didnt think it existed there either.
    I had no clue about it then.

    It was a nonevent to be bitten growing up,We just plucked them off and went on our way.

    I travellled New England Extensively hiking, camping,visiting freind and family,ect..and had been bitten many times fom Miane,Vermont,New Hampshire,New york,
    Connecticut,Roade Island, Massachusetts is where I began life for 9 years...Ive seen, been bitten by lots of ticks!!
    Sometimes I would get a rash most times I probably didnt associate the two.Alot of times people never get a rash
    and symptoms dont show up till later like me with FMS.
    When I lived on MVI I had been bitten many times.I lived there till I was in my 30s.

    My neice came to visit on MVI and was also bitten but did insist on testing and had lyme CDC positive.

    I would suggest you go to LYMENET i think its a .org they whould be very helphul in this question.
    Alot of lymies there.Lots of info too. Im slowly leaning.

    If only I Knew!!!

    Blessings~ Sally
  5. grace54

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    Sally , never heard of so many bites on a person, hope you are ok now.

    Victoria, that was funny:) Yes we have good border patrol on the north but not so much on the south:)

    So far I see both coasts covered. I was raised in the adirondak mountains in NY and we were infested with anything that could bite, it was and still is night-marish in the summer and getting bit was a chronic thing but I never remember a tic but who knows as that was a long time ago.

    I also read recently that many insects including ticks are expanding their range because of the global warming. Whether it is true or not I have spent my entire life in the woods and have noticed a change in the last ten years.

    The vegetation and mold and mushrooms are more abundant where I live along with the insects. A green Christmas and a foot of snow in April just set a new record. Most winters hardly have enough snow consistently for snow mobileing. Havn't seen a long cold snowey winter in years up here so something is changing even if it is a cyclic adjustment it creates a chain reaction in our environment.

    I know as a kid we all got bit all summer and no one I know of got sick from it so obviouly this lyme disease is spreading faster than the experts realise.One thing for sure we need to educate the public and DR's to look for Lyme when other diagnosis don't confirm any thing.

    Thanks all for checking in, I find these stories facinating.
  6. munch1958

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    Not sure which state I picked up "THE" tick bite. I've been motorcycle camping and hiking all over the US with multiple trips to WI, MI, MN, IN, MO, NB, IA, KS, CO, WY, SD, FL, GA, SC, TN, KY, and MT. We've also camped in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia...In case those ticks don't feel like stopping at the US Border. I also have been gardening since 1976 in Illinois.

    I had an insect bite with a baseball sized EM rash on my leg after we went on two camping trips in July 2001. I don't remember coming home from the second trip so I think the big bite or Bb happened on the second trip. Both areas are near rivers and have documented cases of Lyme and/or large deer populations.

    I developed psychosis with visual and auditory hallucinations a few days after coming home from the Indiana camping trip. I was hospitalized less than a week later for high calcium levels, encephalopathy, dehydration with an electrolyte imbalance, liver and kidney failure. I also developed facial numbness with aphasia.

    Since there is "NO LYME in Illinois" the doctors said it was sarcoidosis and epilepsy. I've never believed that since I was doing great before this camping trip. As far as I know, fever does not happen with the onset of sarcoidosis either. I had a very high fever during the 3 week 3 hospitalization. Even after all of this history, I do not have an official diagnosis of Lyme yet!
  7. aynrandi

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    July 2004 - Removed 3 deer tick from the backwoods of the Ozarks, MO. They produced a bulls-eye rash around bite which lasted almost a month.

    Today - Still no diagnosis or treatment.

  8. grace54

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    How come you all have no diagnosis. Just wondering, thanks
  9. kellyann

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    Hi Grace,
    I have Lyme disease and I live in Georgia. I did not realise I had lyme until I tested postive for it. But then the symptoms all fit me perfectly! I was so surprised, while reading the list of sypmptoms, that so many fit me. But I do remember many years ago waking up with an engorged tick on the back of my head, that may be when I got the lyme disease, I have no idea. That is the only time I remember having a tick on me for any length of time. As for a rash, I don't know as it was on my head, but it did itch a lot.
    Take Care!
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    I live in Central Oregon now, but had a tick bite when I was very young and lived in Eastern Oregon on the Idaho border. That is the only tick bite I know of, that I have had.
    There are few people around here that I know of that have Lyme. One family near Bend, Or. Three people from The Dalles area and one from Mitchell.
    Good luck to you!
    So far, the Bicillin shots to be helping.
  11. bunnyfluff

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    in Texas, but lived 21 years in MI. My Dr feels like my Lyme could have come from a tick bite I had gotten there as a kid and has layed dormant for 25 years or so until my 40's. They are starting to think this is not uncommon.

    I never remember having the rash, so I cannot say for sure where the event happened. I spent a lot of time in the woods in MI, CO, Arkansas, camped in Minnesota, etc. It's hard to say where I picked it up. I did have a tick bite @ Lake MI when I was about 12.

    My tests were negative, but my new Dr is a microbiologist who found it "live" in my blood. At long last I have an answer, and maybe not CFS after all.
  12. grace54

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    I used to live in The Adirondacks south of Lake Placid, what beautiful country I remember as a kid how bad the insects were and still are as the land is set aside from building and it is as wild now as it was as a kid.

    We would be bitten and bloody all the time as there were all kinds of things to bite you all day long. I wouldn't be surprised if I picked up something as a kid. The Adirondack Park is the largest federal Park in the US. We used to have black bears on our porch at night, that was exciting. Thanks for checking in
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    It has been a nightmare from hell..Chelsea gets fevers every month and last 3 days and she is wiped out for two after. She gets terrible headaches, sore throats, leg and neck pain. She is again on Amox and Zithro and she can't get rid of the fevers this time. The general Ped. are no help.
  14. SunnyMom

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    sorry forgot to tell you.. we are from W. Chester Pa.
  15. grace54

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    So sorry for your daughter, it must be hard to watch her suffer so. I can see a good Lyme literate Dr would be necessary to treat this awful disease. I hope she gets better soon:)
  16. mollystwin

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    I'm so sorry your daughter is so sick! It's difficult when kids get sick.

    I saw your other post asking about drs in your area. I don't know of any but maybe you could do a search. The Lyme association can help you with this as well.

    Good luck to you!
  17. Hope4Sofia

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    I believe I may have contracted it in Santa Cruz California in 1990. I have been sick since then and a girl in my class got sick with lyme that year - I just never put it together.

    It was a boarding school and I would sneak out of the dorms and hide from the staff in the bushes and woods behind our school. Talk about poetic justice. UGH.

    Anyway, I live in AZ now and am trying to get tested but my gut tells me this is the answer. It just makes sense.

    I also lived in NC as a child and remember having ticks on me but didn't get sick then.

  18. fight4acure

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  19. grace54

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    Seems Lyme is popping up all over. I am being treated with ABX and Cats claw and still waiting for my Central Florida Research results after the Igenix test was iffy.

    I encourage all that are not being treated to keep pursuing it as many DR's are still playing it down. Wouldn't it be nice to get this fibro/fatigue narrowed down to Lyme and get better. That is one of my hopes that keeps me going. I have tried just about everything else including the expensive Fibro and fatigue clinic so I hope my prayers will be answered for all of us. :)
  20. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    There really is lyme in Ohio!

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