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    I was recently refered to the Pacific Fatigue Lab by Doctor Montoya. An article on their work can be found in the 2006 Research publication by the CFIDS Chronicle. At this time the lab is doing ongoing research and takeing a few patients refered by Dr. Montoy or Dr. Lapp. I was pleased and surprised to find that all the work they have done with me has been done either by email or telephone. No long and costly trips. What I have learned from them is really nothing that I didn't know but it has given me the tangible answers to why my body is behaving as it does. I now know by testing my heartrate that when I stand up from my chair my rate is as high as someones who has just run a sprint-when I climb our stairs to the bedroom it is at the same rate as a runner who has been running for ten minutes. Being able to look at that monitor and see the numbers as I try to live my life and realize the difference between what I am doing and what my body thinks I'm doing is evidence that something is really wrong. I've always know it but now I can prove it.
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    This is good news for you! Your heart rate is really something. I would ask for an Impedance Cardiograph.

    Call 1-800-555-1212, ask for BioZ Company number: ask them for names of people who run the test near your ZIPcode. It only costs about $125 or so, and you may get more answers.

    What's your next step at the Pacific Fatigue Center?

    Hope it's all good news and treatment from here on out!

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    Thank you for your input. I'm sure you know about only being able to do one thing at a time (if that). The last four weeks have been very full following the advice I was given by the women I'm working with there. This week I start a analeptic exercise program to work on my deconditioned body. And a lot of work will need to be done to do that! Joyce
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