If you knew then what you know now

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    Hi Everyone,

    If anyone has read "This is for everyone on the board" you know I am in a "moment of contemplation." I had big plans to get my degree in social work, and am more than half way through my Liberal Arts degree. To be honest, I don't think I'll make it another 3 years for my bachelors. However, the pain and fatigue haven't stopped me yet so I am wondering what I could focus on now while I have the energy that would be meaningful later? I already know I can't even work part time, but I still want my living on this planet to be useful. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am going to keep going to school until I can't do it anymore but it's not to late to change my direction. I just don't have any ideas. I'm open for suggestions.
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    If I knew then what I know now...I would have learned to be a great grant writer. Usually you have so many weeks or months to accomplish this. When you are having some good days..you can go the library or where ever to get your needed info. You can do it from home .. AND if you are REALLY GOOD..you can get paid good money for your time and effort. Heck, not only do alot of non profit groups need grant writers..so do cities and towns. The better you are..the more you get paid.

    I am a novice..I started a Domestic Abuse Center here and needed grant money. It was not hard work..it just takes time and patience.

    Heck..I have no idea where this all came from..if you do not need this info..maybe somebody out there does!

    Good luck...Sherry
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    I could carry out based at home, which could be done in my own time and without the stress of short deadlines.

    I've delved into quite a few since becoming ill, struggled to work (teacher) in early years then couldn't do it anymore so needed other activities which I felt would make a difference to my life and society as a whole.

    I was actively involved in the voluntary sector for many years. Learnt lots of skills I never dreamed I'd be doing before I got sick. Met and worked with amazing people, so inspiring - I felt priveledged at being invited to become part of that world.

    I learnt photography too, great for a while but when I went into last major decline found all the offers of work just made me feel worse about it. Now that I've improved a bit am going about this in a new way. Will build up stock of images as and when I can and then when my head can get around the paperwork set about marketting them. For the time being I know I cannot take on commissions.

    Now teach individuals in my very personal way, has to be done bit my bit and very much on my terms. Problems with cognitive impairment means my way of breaking things down and simplifying them as much as possible makes it easier for those I'm teaching/advising.

    Hope you get some good input and hosts of brilliant ideas.


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    got ya on this one.

    I'm just about to start my MS degree. Have contemplated it for years, and have the money put aside, so I'm just gonna do it.
    Some of that comes from, "who knows what sort of shape I may be in in 2 years." I do still work full-time, but miss at least 2 days a month sick...and am starting to worry that I'll use up my sick faster than I earn it.

    Even if you eventually can't work in social work, the time spent on a degree isn't wasted. IT gets you out, with people. It keeps your mind active, even if your body can't always be.

    At this point, I do wish I had something I could do at home-getting up and getting going is the hardest thing for me.

    Personally, I say get your degrees!

    Good for you!
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    I was on my way to the same career and at same level in a liberal arts degree. Instead of social work I think being a therapist may be easier on our bodies. Although I wonder If we really can change the world one person at a time LOL. Please fill out your bio. So we know more about you. I am 37 have two boys and married. I recently quit my job at Juvenile Hall and the police academy because of too much stress on my body. It really helps to communicate with your instructors at school and let them know you may be at home because of your FM but will keep up best you can academically. hope this helps Tina
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    I am so glad everyone is replying....I really needed this. I am so determined to get as far as I can...I really want to do case management. I will fill out my bio soon and lets keep cheering each other on.....Makes me want to do a happy dance.....OUCH! lol
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    follow your passion. When you graduate, be creative in how you will apply your degree. June