if you lost your LTD STD FOR NEW PEOPLE

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    This is a great place to get a lawyer!

    They have information for people who lost there LTD after a few years of getting paid- even if you lost your appeal or the staute of limitaions is up go to this site and fill out the form!

    I did and a lawyer called me right away and explained how insurance companies are turning so many people down who have FMS CFS- its easy for them to do this since no tests really DX us. BUT they sure did take our money out of our pay checks when we were healty
    And why would they pay us for a few years and than cut us off for no reason>??

    I didnt know the laws but its a "BAD FAITH" situation and even fraud - most of the time he was tellimg me a settlement is the best thing to do so you wont have to deal with them again- I am in the middle of my case and all I can say is the insurance company did some major errors.

    Its a great information for all to read-
    So please check it out---there is no cost!

    when you pull up the website put in the search box / insurance / and a list of articles will come up- there are a few to read but the three below are the best to read-

    1/ Insurance Companies Reluctant to Pay Claims

    2/ Bad Faith Insurance Information (Jun-5-06)

    3/ Long Term Disability Insurance alleging insurance fraud and denied claims. (Oct-4 06)

    4/ ERISA and Long Term Disability (Oct-4-06)

    please let us all know what justice you get!
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