if you take zolpidem (ambien)

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    I'd just like to warn everyone that it causes really bad effects in some people, and it might be hard to tell if they are. Using the med in the short term should be okay like they say, but that is part of why I didn't realize the problem. I'm very sensitive to meds/etc but I thought zolpidem was working well for me, I liked the ease of falling asleep, and I didn't think I was having any bad effects. The first week or weeks I probably didn't have much adverse effect, but then it caused me major issues. Now I realize that being on it daily been causing this downhill decline which I thought was just some worsening of fibro fog and fibro. I felt like I couldn't think or use my memory recall, and I was going crazy. This link has bunches of other people writing about bad effects they got, including some talking about suicidal thoughts: http://drugs.healthdiaries.com/ambien-side-effects.html and I agree with them that it was really ruining my life.
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    Thanks for posting this. I thought it was the Neurotin and part of it might have been but today besides what you have posted I came to the conclusion the Ambein was doing a number on me as well. Have felt like a lump and have had very depressed thoughts as well as beig very short. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with issues. Was also glad for my hubby to hear this as well. Thanks
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    I still have to take Ambien for sleep, but I reduced it by 50 %, and my brain fog got a lot better.
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    I had a bad experience with Ambien also-was fine for months then started having to take more and more to sleep-dumb idea!!! I thought I could take about anything but after a bad time with Wellbutrin-and now Ambien-I am going to be very careful!!!! For now-the Guai protocol is going to be it!!!! (and its working!!)

    Good luck all-I thought Ambien CR was the answer for me-my Dr said that he was not going to prescribe it anymore-he had read lots of bad things recently concerning use.
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    Ok, what is the Guai protocol? Is it a bunch of bunk, or does it work for some? What are salicylates?
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    Ambien makes me feel really high, and makes me do goofy things sometimes before I go to bed. Also, if my Ambien dose is too high, my foggy brain gets worse. I cut my Ambien down to half, and now down to a quarter, and am taking 1 and 1/2 Klonopin instead. That seems to help me sleep. Any bad reports on Klonopin? I know it's addictive, but so is Ambien--I don't care what those advertisements say. Also, it helps my myoclonic jerks.
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    for ambien...
    i was a foggy and tired woman before starting ambien, now i'm just foggy.

    almost every med has side effects, herbal concoctions have some powerful side effects or are useless.

    after 20 yrs of chronic pain, misdiagnosed until 2 yrs ago, medicines available to me so late in my professional and personal life, are selected by how they impact my ability to continue working.
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    Hey Everyone,

    Just thought I'd drop this note for everyone.

    I've taken Ambien (up to 3-4 times a month) due to working nights and needing to get some sleep for important events. The Ambien has worked for me rather well as long as I don't need to be mentally awake for 8 hours. It usually helps me sleep for 4-6 hours when I'm having my sporadic episodes of insomnia related to this DD.

    So I started Valcyte about 2 1/2 weeks ago at the 900mg, twice daily dosing. Didn't need the Ambien until about 4 days ago to help me sleep before a trip the next day. I ended up being "out" for over 10 hours and had the worst time waking up! Took me nearly 45 minutes to get out of bed and finally made it only because my family was to be over to pick me up in 1/2 hour. Was foggy for another 2-3 hours after that too.

    Not sure exactly what happened, but I assume that the body decreased the rate of elimination due to the Valcyte. I must say that I'm not planning on taking it again while I'm on the Valcyte. And my script is for the low dose -> 5mg / non-CR...

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    Aproperstranger, I too don't understand why Ambien is supposedly better and safer than the bezos.

    I get terrible hangovers with Ambien and sometimes it even has the oppposite effect of making me wired and less able to sleep. When I take a benzo, I get relaxed but still feel normal, and have zero next day residual effects. However, I do realize that everyone responds differently medications, and many prefer Ambien to the benzos.

    But I still don't get why the doctors push Ambien as safter than the benzos. The reported side effects on Ambien are much more alarming and dangerous than on the benzos. Anything that causes sleep-walking, driving, eating has to have an affect on the brain that is potentially worse than the possible increased "addictive potiential" of klonopin, valium, xanax, etc.

    I am always suspicious when doctors push any type of new psychotropic drug in lieu of an older one with a more established track record. Especially when the older drugs are generic and there is not much money to be made off of them.

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    I also take Ambien - 5 mg each night. I cannot go to sleep without something. I tried almost every sleeping pill imaginable and came back to it. I also don't really like Ambien but even the newer drugs like Lunesta and Rozerum are weird.

    With Lunesta I was nauseated the next day. Also, it caused bad depression. No drugs are without side effects. I guess it is just determining the trade off for side effects and benefits.

    I guess my second choice would be Restoril but it takes a long time to kick in and get sleepy, also sleepy the next day.

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