If You Use Supplements, please act now (USA)

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    New title, hoping to get more people's attention...

    I posted early in July about a bill that will be voted on concerning food supplements, Senate bill S. 722. It hasn't been voted on yet, but if it's passed it will expand the FDAs powers over dietary supplements and could very well limit our right to buy vitamins, herbs, etc. over the counter (OTC)!

    There is a second bill that will also be voted on, S. 1538, that has to do with doubling the funding for research concerning dietary supplements.

    You can write to your congressmen easily by following these directions from Aeryn, who said it was easy to find and use.

    " I 'Googled' National Nutritional Foods Association and found their web page right away. On their home page on the right hand side there is an advocacy action button (it reads, "Write Congress"). I clicked it and I was brought right to the action alert for Bill S. 722. I just put in my zip code, etc... and the letters to my senators were off... I had no idea (this) was happening, and I am a news reader!"

    Below is further info about the 2 bills:

    Support S. 1538 and Oppose S. 722
    Don't Let Congress Overturn the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994

    Because the Food and Drug Administration has failed to fully uphold the law, Congress is looking into making changes that will undermine many of the freedoms that American consumers of dietary supplements hold dear.

    SUPPORT S. 1538: No more excuses from the FDA! Give the FDA the resources it needs to implement DSHEA! This bill will eliminate the Food and Drug Administration's favorite excuses that it doesn't have enought staff, money or power to regulate supplements. The FDA has fallen short when it comes to enforcing the law.

    This bill will support research that validates the safety, effectiveness and quality of dietary supplements. Because dietary supplements come from natural ingredients, they can't be patented. While this insures that these products are readily—and affordably — available, it takes away the ability of manufacturers to recoup research costs. The bill doubles the funding given to the Office of Dietary Supplements to expand research and consumer information about these products.

    Hold the government accountable for its actions. This bill will also require the FDA to file annual reports to Congress about how they're regulating dietary supplements. If they fail in their responsibilities to fully implement the law, they'll be held accountable.

    OPPOSE S. 722
    The Food and Drug Administration must not be granted new and unprecedented authority to subject safe and beneficial products to additional and unnecessary scrutiny. This bill would subject nearly all vitamins, minerals, herbal products and other supplements to a level of scrutiny that is both unwarranted and unnecessary. Products that have been used safely for hundreds – and in some cases, thousands – of years would be subject to clinical evaluation using standards that are at the complete discretion of the FDA.

    The government must NOT be allowed to limit the freedom of choice of American consumers when it comes to their health. By questioning the safety of any dietary supplement that receives even one complaint, hundreds of products that have been safely and beneficially used could be removed from the marketplace. Under this new legislation, the FDA has complete discretion to make this determination, regardless of whether the product was used under conditions cautioned against by the manufacturer on the label.

    The government must not be allowed to single-out dietary supplements. By almost every measure, and by a wide margin, dietary supplements can be used more safely than conventional foods and OTC drugs. Yet this legislation exempts foods in these product categories from being classified as stimulants. Specifically, the bill unfairly excludes the most common "stimulant" ingredient in foods – caffeine.


    This bill could be added to existing Senate legislation at any time.
    1) immediately let your Senators know that you SUPPORT S. 1538 and ask them to co-sponsor the bill, and
    2) ask them to OPPOSE S. 722.

    And don't feel like you don't count! It's been said that every letter received by a politician represents 40+ other like-minded voters!

    Thanks, everybody.

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    the fact that nobody's responded to this doesn't mean nobody cares, and that nobody is contacting their senators!?!?!?!

    So I am
    this to preserve our freedom to buy supplements over the counter in more than RDA amounts!
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    Hi Victoria,
    I would supsect that most people are not reading this thread because they don't know that this subject will impact them, that's human nature unfortunately.
    I would suggest that you make a new thread with a more urgent and personal statement as the title, something like ,
    Congress is taking away our supplemt's or Government is going to stop our supplemt's, something like that, what do you think?
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    This is what is going on in the UK, so I didn't read it right away as I know I cannot help with the situation in the UK.

    Love, Mikie
  6. victoria

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    Hopefully now it will catch more people's attention.

    Some more about why you should speak out against S.722:

    The nutritional supplement industry arguably has the best product safety recod of any industry in the US. According to Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) a max of 16 deaths were attributed to a nutritional supplement last year. (Excessive doses - beyond the recommended levels - of ephedra were the suspect in the majority, and the link was only definitively proven in a few of them.) There are 106,000 deaths from adverse effects of RX drugs and the tens of thousdands of deaths from aspirin and other over-the-counter drugs each year.

    At one time, CoQ10 and other supplements were considered illegal and were ordered removed from health food store shelves. At the time you could only get it by prescription.

    Please do your part.

    Thanks, Victoria
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    I was just going to bump this up but I ended up with 10 cents to add cause my 2 cents is free.......everything people take can be harmful in one way or another. How is it that most things are overlooked because they are labeled more helpful or helpful to a larger category of people? Here's one to think on, how about chemo? My ex wife had 4 sessions of chemo for her ms and it really was rough on her but the doctors tried to say it would help her. You may ask if it did, well, I don't see a difference and neither does she.
    When I was younger doctors were continuesly giving me Ibuprofen and related drugs that have basically increased the pain I associate with my Fibro and the many other things that are wrong with me but I will be darned it is still over the counter. Matter a fact just how smart does one have to be to figure out that prescription meds are sometimes the exact same thing as the over the counter versions just a different dose per pill.
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    trying to keep this on the first page so everybody can see it...
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    I was this in one of the health newsletters I get and went on the web and signed this already but I wanted to make sure everyone sees this.
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    I will be sure to contact my congressmen.
    I do appreciate the heads up.
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    when I read about England banning supplements. Now it could happen to us!?

    I e-mailed this post to everyone in my address book, explaining that whether they used supplements personally, know that they are helping thousands of us with "medically puzzling" diseases, and that passage of this bill could condemn all of us to life as we KNEW it, which is a horrible prospect. The message will spread.

    Thanks. We watch news stations all the time as well and this is the first we've heard of it.

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    1. I had already signed this petition, since I get several health related newsletters, and had already been alerted to the problem several times.
    2. When I saw the name "Victoria" I thought this was about the problem in the UK again. I know Americans are named Victoria too, but most of us with that name call ourselves "Vicky", so I made the wrong assumption that you were a Brit. The brain is foggy!

    I finally decided I'd better read it and make sure what it was about. I agree with changing the title to something like: "Supplements may be taken away in American too!"

  13. victoria

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    I changed the title again, hopefully this wil get more action!

    (Yeah, my family calls me Vicki, but I always hated it for some reason...)

  14. victoria

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    Please everybody, write your senators!
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Please support this everybody!
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    I will make copies of the 1st page that speaks to the issue. I plan to to take it to my naturopath this week. If we hand out copies and ask people to jot a note to their congressman....all over the country, then maybe our voice will be heard. It's worth a try.
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    bump bump!!


    God Bless!

  18. victoria

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    I don't know what I'd do if I had to go get a RX for each supplement....


    PS even if you wrote your senators in July, it would probably help to write again to let them know you're watching, and especially to help support the other bill!
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