If you want a lab to check your hormone levels yourself through t

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    In Dr. Lee's book he mentions a couple of labs that you can get a kit and send saliva sample in for estrogen, testoserone, progesterone, etc. You don't have to mess with a doctor here to do it. It isn't too terribly expensive and I feel the results are accurate. I did the progesterone and testoserone. (sp) I am not sure if I can mention the lab on the message board or the phone number. If Mikie and Shirl says it is o.k. I will. If not I will give you my e-mail...mamatravis@yahoo.com...Have a great day...KIM
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    It's fine to mention the labs and their phone numbers. It really isn't safe to post your e-mail address here, though. If it were me, I would remove it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Please send information on tests