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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by alnit3r, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. alnit3r

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    I understand that technically this message board is to help, give tips, and get advice on whatever illness we are battling.. but I just wanted to share my first good day with all of you. I managed to get through the entire day, go to all of my classes, fix my car, go to my doctors appointment, and go to a dance class for an hour, without completely breaking down at any point, and that alone was great; but not why I am writting this. I was with my friend Matt, who was helping me fix my car, and we are really good if not best friends. Well anyways. He was listening to me vent, because i was just so frustrated with the bad luck I had run into the past few weeks, when he asked me if he could give me some homework. And I looked at him oddly at first but agreed. He asked me to write down all of the good things that had happened that day, and in the past week. Anything that made me smile, or made me appreciate what I have been given... and it made me realize that I had really let illness get the best of me. I had let it run me down and I had let it win.. because I have always been a happy and optomistic person, but that had faded..
    So here I am, seeing everything in a new light.. and I would love to encourage everyone to at least take a second to take into account the small things that make life worth continuing. The smiles, the funny faces, the moment of peace, the sunrise, the hot bath, the good book or great movie. Whatever it may be.. because it made my life much more bearable. I hope you are all feeling well
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    I see you're new here! Glad you found us and hope you stick around.

    I was nice to read your positive post! I'm really happy for you that you have had such a gread day!

    Sounds like you have a pretty good friend, too!

    You're right .... when we are sick, we tend not to remember the good things in our lives ... and don't spend enough time enjoying the little things that make us happy - a warm day with sunshine!!!


    P.S. On your next post or reply, please break your paragraph up into many short ones -- it's much easier for everyone to read than one long paragraph -- look at mine, for example! Thx
  3. smiffy79

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    welcome to the board,your right look to the good things in your life instead of letting the pain and fatigue win.

    taking a rest is not letting it get the better of you or being weak but letting it upset you or feeling that your not good enough thats letting it win.
  4. MamaDove

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    Great optimistic and encouraging post...Sometimes we need a kick in the pants to remember just how fortunate we are...Yes, it is hard most of the time with these dd's and I still have trouble reminding myself THERE ARE people much worse than us but when you live with this day after day for years it does get overwhelming, that's why we all come here, for our sanity!!!

    Some stay stop and smell the roses and someone on here says stop and smell the puppies...I say, stop and smell the puppy breath...tehe...I love puppy breath!!!!

    Again, Welcome to you ~Alicia
  5. Fudge43

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    I'm with Mamadove .. sometimes we get so stuck in our ruts it takes something worse to happen to realize how good we do have it .. and no one wants that to happen .. so YES ! I really try to take a moment to think how lucky I am ... things could always be worse !
    Good luck !
    Fudge : )

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