If Your Hair Is Dry...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Apr 11, 2011.

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    You may want to try "It's a 10" leave-in conditioner. It's a keratin based spray. Celebs with dry, frizzy, unmanagable hair get keratin treatments which cost hundreds of dollars.

    Lots of different conditions can cause dry hair, low thyroid among them. Since developing Sjogren's symptoms, my hair has become dry and crunchy. Even with a rinse-out conditioner, I could barely get a comb through my wet hair. My stylist used this product and the comb went through my hair like it was silk. It's not cheap; it sells for $20 for a small bottle but a little goes a long way. I can't use it every time I shampoo or my hair is too silky and soft to hold a style, even with a styling product. What I've been doing is spraying it into my hair and massaging it in and letting it dry. I sleep with it in and shampoo it the next day.

    Love, Mikie

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    Thanks for the tip. I just got a perm last week and I would like to get it highlighted in a couple weeks. (I'm getting beautiful ? for my granddaughters wedding in May, hee hee.)

    Anyway, this product sounds great. Where do you buy it?

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    Congratulations on the wedding. I'll bet you do look beautiful. I would think this would be perfect for permed and colored hair. I got it at the walk-in salon in my neighborhood. It's a chain but for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it. It's not Great Clips. I'm in a very exhausted state right now and it's really affecting memory. I'm sure this stuff is available where better products are sold. Or, even where cheaper stuff is sold as this is not an upscale salon. Wish I could be more helpful. Flares suck!

    Enjoy the wedding.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for the tips on the "10." My stylist did give me a $5 discount but I'm sure it's sold cheaper if I just look around. It was so amazing when I had my hair cut that I wanted it then and there. It really works better for me spraying it on dry hair and letting it dry in and washing it in the morning. If I spray it in and leave it after shampooing, my hair is like spun gold but, again, it's just too soft to hold up--no body, even with styling products.

    I buy most of Adrienne Arpel's products in kits on HSN. At Christmastime, she really cuts prices. One Vitamin C kit sold for the regular price but contained two of everything. I got that, another kit with slightly different products, two argan oil kits (small) and two jars of her "everything in a bottle" which was a BOGO. This is her flagship skin care in the green bottle and it contains Retinol. I had only planned to buy the "everything" stuff and a vitamin C kit but was intrigued by the argan oil. I love it; it's really silky. I spent less on everything than I would have for a few bottles at the spa. Also, I will probably still have some product left when Christmas rolls around again.

    I think Retinol is great because it causes peeling without being harsh. The vitamin C feeds skin and is supposed to help ease lines and increase collagen. I don't know but my skin has never been so soft as it is now.

    I've seen almost all her vitamin C kits and every one of them is a good deal and every one of them contains complete care. There is one kit for women older than 40 and I like that one.

    Love, Mikie
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    My experience is that her kits are a really good buy any time but around the holidays, she goes nuts and really offers good deals. A while back, HSN convinced her to design jewelry and offered her the support of jewelry fabricators. I just wish she would stop including her cheesy bags and give more product instead. Oh well, one of these days, she'll do a bag I'm not embarassed to use. I do have one little cosmetic bag she included that I like. In the meantime, even Goodwill will benefit :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Evening Friends, How are you all, yeah nice question see if your hair is dry then it has so many reasons and the main reason is Hard Water.So wash your hair from mineral water if you want to get soft and silky hairs.Otherwise you also may try home remedies it has no side effect and beneficial or useful results.
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    @Mikie, does the 10 have a fragrance? I need a product, too, but have chemical sensitivities and can't do strong, lingering smells. Thanks.
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    Hi, JKennedy,

    Yes it does have a very strong odor. I don't like smelling it. AACCKK!!!

    Love, Mikie