If you've had knee replacement I need your help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suemp, Dec 8, 2005.

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    I had knee replacement on October 3rd and I'm still having problems. Since I'm 56 I thought this was going to be a "piece of cake" but I'm wrong. I was happy that my fibro didn't flare up from the surgery. I did the "machine" at home for two weeks and then went to a physical therapist for six weeks. But I'm still not able to bend it completely - walking is okay but I'm not able to bend it the full range - I get to a certain point and it becomes very painful. I'm still doing my exercises but I'm wondering if it should take this long. How long does it take before it feels like a normal knee? sue
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    Hi there,

    I know it's frustrating! I had my knee replaced April 2004. I am 40 years old so I thought I would do very well; however, I found people in their 80's did better than me! I went to a rehab hospital for a week after the surgery and then came home. I had home therapy for a few weeks and then went to outpatient therapy.

    My extension was always very good but my bend was very bad. In July, which would have been about 11-12 weeks after surgery, the surgeon brought me in the OR and put me under and "manually manipulated" my knee. This basically meant that he bent my knee to break up the scar tissue up. I then continue with PT and still could not bend well.

    Finally in November (7 months later), they brought me back and in went in arthroscopically to remove scar tissue. I had a very large adhesion of scar tissue which had been preventing me from bending my knee.

    I had questioned my surgeon (which, by the way my surgeon was excellent, it was just my body misbehavin!) why he couldn't have done surgery sooner. He said that they had to wait at least 6 months for everything in my knee to calm down after the initial replacement. This final surgery made an incredible difference almost immediately. I continue PT until February and was then discharged.

    Now, on a personal note after all that medical stuff :)
    I was extremely depressed during my recovery. The told me that some day I would be glad I did it, but it took over a year before I felt that. It is so incredibly hard to have bone pain - I don't think there is anything worse than that! I went from oxycontin finally down to percocet and then vicodin. I did not get off all meds until last February.

    You are still about 8 weeks out, so give it a little more time. However, if you are not getting good bend keep on your surgeon about that! Are you still in PT? Don't settle for what you have if you realistically think it could/should be better.

    Hang in there Sue - I'll send healing vibes your way.

  3. kylesmom

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    How much flexion (bend) are you getting? What I have found in the hundreds of knees I've treated is that successfully regaining ROM depends a LOT on each person's genetics and just as much on the surgeon involved. How did your PT feel about it?

    You can still make progress at this point in the game. Don't give up hope! Let me know if you have any specific questions I can help you with.

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