If you've had little success with Antidepressants

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    I wanted to post this because for over 4 years I have been on many different antidepressants-different doses and combinations (Zoloft, Celexa, Effexor and other) with little or no success. I felt as if I was that one person who didn't respond well to the medicines that everyone kept telling me should work. What I experienced was that the antidepressants worked great for about a week. I also felt relief the very first day I would take it. Unfortunately I would rapidly feel bad again, with extremely high levels of anxiety and suicidal thoughts. A person can't even benefit from therapy or counseling if you're that depressed because you don't really participate; you just vent. Here's what the doctors and I have finally discovered...I am extremely sensitive to meds and caffeine and antidepressants were just too much for me. It was the extreme levels of anxiety that made me feel so out of control, terrified of all that I felt, and yes, depressed. I am now on a medicine called Buspar which has proven to be the absolute best thing I've ever taken. I've had no real side effects; I sleep, have energy. If anyone has been there where you've tried the antidepressants, but haven't really been helped, at least ask your doctors about this. I cannot tell you how much the quality of my life has improved. I literally went from being in the ER twice in a week, being unable to work or concentrate or just function to feeling like a happy productive person again. Best of Luck to Everyone and Never Give Up. It's so worth it when you feel good again.

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    Hello. I am glad you have found relief with Buspar. May you continue to get even better! Have a blessed day!