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  1. tree1006

    tree1006 New Member

    Could some one help with my test I assume I have Lyme but need help understanding

    Postive IGM
    **23-25 -
    ** 31+++

    IGG Postive
  2. karynwolfe

    karynwolfe New Member

    "IND" simply means a weak positive. Positive IgM bands mean "something" is currently replicating within your body.

    Some of these bands can cross-react with other things, but nothing can cause band 39 to react except the Lyme disease bacteria itself; it's the most specific band there is.

    This is a blatantly positive test and would necessitate treatment. There is a Lyme Disease section on ProHealth for our community, and also the LymeNet forums (google it) that many of us Lymies also visit. You can find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor there, and a bunch of other things, if you're new to this. =)

  3. victoria

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    Make sure you find a good Lyme-literate MD (LLMD) to help you. I agree with KarynWolfe... but even the CDC says it is a clinical diagnosis because the blood tests are not all that reliable.

    LymeNet.org has a special section to find doctors closest to you anonymously, since many do not want their names passed around publicaly. go to:

    Well, it's not a welcome I like to give, but you are now a member of the Die Lyme Die Club it seems....

    there will be a lot to learn, don't lose heart tho. Check out the Lyme board here for starters.

    A good doctor and the forums here and elsewhere can be of help. There is so much more info available than a few years ago.

    All the best,

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  4. Nanie46

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    Hi tree1006,

    I agree that you should find a Lyme Literate MD.

    Go to lymenet.org......click on flash discussion.....sign up for free......click on "Seeking a Doctor" Board.....create a post asking for a LLMD in your state.

    You can also check with any Lyme disease support group in your area for recomendations.

    You need a LLMD who follows ILADS guidelines.

    Here are 2 easy explanations about the Western Blot....

    Read the Western Blot paragraph at the bottom of page 7 of this paper by a Lyme expert...


    Also read this other explanation....


    My LLMD told me that "IND" is like a light fingerprint....significant because it is still the same fingerprint whether it is light or dark.

    You will also need evaluated for other common tick-borne infections like Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, etc.

    Ticks often transmit many infections at once.

    Info on those infections can be found in the first link on pages 22-27.

    When you are on lymenet.org, check out the "Medical Questions" board, where there are many intelligent and helpful people on a board that moves fast.

    You can use the Search feature to find topics that have been discussed in the past.

    There are other boards there too, such as General Support.

    Here are some more links to great info...





    Good luck to you!
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