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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by proo, Nov 30, 2006.

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    My rhem. ordered tests from IGenex. My insurance co. denied the request, stating the regular lab, Lab Corp/Quest could perform the tests just as well as IGenex. My doc. said no. I called IGenex and asked for help, since I am, no doubt, the first person to be in this situation. The person answering their phone was incredibly rude and told me " It is not our place to convince the insurance company of anything". Guess I'll just hang in their and enjoy my head to toe burning pain for another decade or two.
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    The basic Igenex western blot test that you would need is a little less then 200.00 best of my memory.

    If I had no choice to choose between the two I would say use quest. But this is something I haven't studied. I just have heard better things about quest for testing in general over lab corp.

    The Igenex lady does have a point some insurance companies want the cheapest test they can order not the most quality. But she could have said it in a nicer way. Of course Igenex is located in CA. and sometimes you run into a CA. attitude.



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    My doc. ordered >$1,000 in Igenex tests.

    I have a physician friend who owned a private lab for years. He was delighted to send out paperwork that helped people speak with their insurance company, even though he did not speak with them directly. He had enough on the ball to know that this approach translated into $$ for him.
    IGenex can keep their tests. I've already had the tests run @ Quest and they were all negative. Months and months on antibiotics did nothing either. Big mess, no answer.
    I'll soon be 60, so how much longer do I have?

    Thanks for your help.
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    the elisa and western blot you will get from quest or labcorp is the standard cdc version which (and i don't remember the exact statistics) is less than 50% accurate. the majority of people with lyme disease will test negative, a false negative with these tests. the implications on your future health rest in getting to the truth as soon as possible with this disease because of the amount of damage it can do to every system in your body over time.

    your dr. is right in ordering the lab work through igenix. they specialize in tick born illnesses and run a much more sensative and complete western blot than the average insurance associated lab.

    no, it is not igenix's responsibility to work with your insurance company. your insurance co. will go with the cheapest providers not the best lab for a specific test. being as how i have found most insurance co's pay the minimum for lyme diagnosis and care it seems to be the patients responsibility to fend for themselves and find the best caare.

    finding a lyme literate doctor is first and formost and a lyme literate dr runs their lyme labwork through igenix. it is your health you decide what it is worth to you.
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    The Igenex staff was rude and unprofessional. In calling them, I was asking for information which would outline exactly why their testing methodology was better than other labs. This is a quality control issue which I fully expected them to answer in a professional manner. They did not care enough about the person on the other end of the phone to even offer to mail something to me. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU came through loud and clear. If the person answering the phone is permitted to project that attitude, I have zero faith that the lab personnel perform their jobs any better. Quality customer service clearly is not job one.
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    Sorry about your bad experience with them.

    Dr. Harris talked to me over the phone for about 20 mins. which is more than most gps. will do. I told him of my financial situation, and he suggested the most economical way to go if I decided to take more Ignex tests. He also gave me the name of several LLMD's that were closest to me.

    Other people at Igenex went out of their way to help me. I was very impressed by their good-naturedness and kindness in explaining their tests to me.


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    i recently took the test just for 1gg and 1gm which cost 245.00.. it was worth it....it came out positive.....my doc originally used unilab..... it showed positive in the past, but "current" negative, if that makes sense.. anyways i found that some of the people at igenex just dont know a whole lot, just like anywhere else that you speak to on the phone. They told me to go ahead and have my blood drawn Thurs, then put in frig and ship it on MONDAY... My doctor was like WHAT??? No, he said, come back on Monday and ship same day so it will get there by Wed. and he gave me an icepack just to be safe than sorry. Maybe she was rude cuz she is just a bitch...and you just happened to get unlucky to speak to her.lol sighs
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    I am delighted that Igenex worked for you. This company forgot the first rule of business....The person answering the phone represents the company. I spoke with a very rude young male who could not have care less about what I wanted. If Igenex was a reliable company, they would insist on a high degree of customer service on the phone. Occasionally I place an order with LL Bean. They are orders of magnatude more professional and courteous than Igenex.
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    i kinda agree. i live near igenex and have been there 3 times. They even DRESS inappropriately. I feel like the admin staff there are no educated much on lyme or the tests. However, to be fair they are not necessarily there to educate us.
    But yes, they are somewhat unprofessional...not how i would want my company run..especially if it was always under the "lyme light" for being unreputable.