IGenex results back yesterday.

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    We rec'd Kathryn's 5060 Panel back yesterday and it was negative. The doctor has the FAX, so I will get a copy, but as to some posts questioning if IGenex is ever negative, her's was.

    The 6050 was $450. I think there is a $200 version too, but I thought what the heck, we're doing it so I might as well be as inclusive as possible. It did the PCR tests too.

    Here are her numbers:
    IFA, B burgdorferi G/M/A <1:40 (neg)

    Lyme IgM Western Blot
    30 was ++
    31, 39, 41 were IND
    58, 83-93 +

    30 +
    41, 58 ++

    Genomic and Plasmid Bb were both negative

    I would be interested in how these numbers compared to others that are being treated or not treated. I called Dr. Crist's office after reviewing Victoria's post. Curious as to which ABx was used to treat? Tetracycline? She does have more than one IND or + antibody, so it sounds like she would benefit from treatment.

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    The results on the FAX (which I have a copy) all say 'negative' even though the values are +, ++ and IND in some areas as I mentioned. I read Dr. Crists page and spoke to his nurse today. She said he treats even one IND or + and Kat has 6 in one test and 3 inthe other. The only thing IGenex says is "Presence of only one double starred band or IND band in a negative report may indicate clinical significance. Retest with another method in 4-6 weeks."

    Very confusing! I emailed her doctor with Dr. Crist's suggestions to treat. I will talk with him Monday.

    What ABx did you start on and for how long?
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    IGenex has to be careful as to what it says, in order to be considered a reliable lab and keep its certification.

    I have read elsewhere of many chronic cases showing like your daughter's or even with all negatives that finally did show positive according to CDC standards AFTER taking abx for a while (anywhere from a couple of weeks to months).

    I knew without a doubt when my son started abx that he had it even before we got test results back, he was like he had the worst case of flu ever, couldn't get out of bed the first week hardly!

    But even so, abx have had to be changed over the 20 months he's been on orals - just to make it more confusing, there are over 100 types of Bb in US alone, so different abx work differently, just depending.

    And then of course the LLMDs say it is more common than not to have coinfections for which the tests are extremely unreliable, like babeosis and bartonella and ehrlichiosis... we're pretty sure that my son had bartonella given his responses to the abx used specifically for it, while he had no response/herx or otherwise, to the mepron for possible babeosis for instance.

    Not trying to confuse you, really! But it can get really complicated to get the right abx protocol ... all I can say is, educate yourself as much as you can.

    All the best,
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    So does the CDC say five need to be + for a positive dx?
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    He would be treating you with those type of results and the symptoms that go with cfs/fm.
    He usually starts patients out on doxy or something simiiliar and them moves on after a certain period to different abx till he has addressed all forms of lyme.

    Best of luck finding a good doctor.
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    Connie; im curious, what were your results of your PCR?