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  1. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    I got my results today.

    Lyme IgG Western Blot, negative on all but:

    **31 kDa IND
    **34 kDa IND
    **41 kDa ++

    Lyme IgM Western Blot, negative on all but:

    **31 kDa ++
    **41 kDa IND
    **83-93 kDA IND

    My dr also did digestion analysis which (bottom line) shows I have had a bad intestinal tract for a long time. I am supposed to go GFCF and rotational elimination diet (just found out I'm allergic to milk not sure what else.

    I am starting with the diet and try to gain strength for antibiotic tx. I was at the dr thinking all the people on the Lyme board are going to want me on antibiotics. I don't know, I think baby steps may be the way for me.


  2. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    one other test result:

    IFA, B Burgdorferi G/ M/ A/ <1:40 negative

  3. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    To the "Die Lyme Die" club!!!

    I see your son has Aspergers~ he needs to be tested for Lyme as well. There are many reports that have been done linking Lyme to Autism, etc. Just google it.

    If you have not gotten a copy, get Stephen Bruhner's book "Healing Lyme". it has very good information, as well as non-Abx ways to heal Lyme.

    Best of luck,

  4. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    Yes, your test results are positive for Lyme Borreliosis.
    I'd start on probiotics.

    Be sure to read the Revised WB info located in my profile.

    Best of luck with your treatment.
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    just wondering how you were doing...

    has your doctor given you a clinical dx of Lyme or other tick infection(s)... &/or any other dx?

    all the best, hope you're finding some answers and most of all, some improvement!


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