IGENEX test finally back and some scarey results.. advice please

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    HI - I have been doing my Lyme treatment for a month now. i love my docs. My blood test all came back and my Lyme test, including IGENEX are "THRU the ROOF" my doctor says, he also said, No question that I have severe Lyme and have had it, as far as he can tell, over 8 years, by the severity. I have actually had it untreated for 10 years.

    ANyway... My Vitamin D is so deficient that we are trying high grade supplements, however, I will probably have to have it IV'd.

    Long story short he said my cholesterol is okay, but if it wasn't he would send me to the ER. My C-Reactive Cardiac (between 0-3 normal), is at 5.04.

    What is your experience with this and how did you fix it? Everything i briefly looked up pointed to heart disease and a heart attack waiting to happen. I am really scared at this point. I brushed it off since the cholesterol was good but realized when I got home that this is scary stuff.

    ANy advice would be so greatly appreciated. Also, what would bring this number down, in your experience... Maybe it was one of the many supplements he put me on.

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    Hi there. I don't know what Creacit cardiac is, so I really can't help you. I hope someone else here can. If not call your dr with more questions.

    It's very scary when first being diagnosed. I had many questions as well. I wish you the best of luck with this. I remember your posts from the fibro/cfs board. So many of us it turns out really have lyme!!

    Take care.
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    it's good you got the tests back... were they "CDC positive" according to their standard for tracking? If so, nag your doctor to report your case to your state, they're supposed to but I think it's a lot of paperwork for them unfortunately.

    I too don't know anything about the cardiac area, if you don't get any responses here you may want to check ilads.org and their links, of which they have a lot, to research etc... or just google the appropriate words, like

    Lyme c-reactive protein cardiac

    and different combinations...

    Hope this helps! And I hope you won't go thru too difficult of a herx...

    All the best,

  4. Kimba4318

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    Mollystwin & Victoria.. Thank you for your help!

    Victoria.. YES the doctor said, excatly..
    "The results are off the charts (positive) proving you have it and EVEN BY CDC standards... the test is positive"

    SO.. I guess many get a negative thru CDC if I am understanding it correctly. ANyway, I will make sure he reports it... I am sure it can only help our cause.

  5. jarjar

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    So glad you got a proper diagnosis so you can focus on what has kept you ill for so long.

    I'm not sure of the cardiac result either. I do know most lyme patients test positive for "sticky blood" which you take heparin. Using laymen terms here. Often a low sed rate corresponds with the above condition along with other test.

    You might want to read the Marshal Protocol site about low D levels. Usually our D levels are low because its being converted to Vita D 1.25 which is keeping us ill. You would need to have the vita D 1.25 test to determine that.
    So taking more D can just make you more ill if your 1.25 level is high. I have had mine tested twice once it was 36 and the other 48 as it fluctuates both are considered high. Dr Marshals work is so new that most docs are not aware of it.

    Please do the members on the other board a big favor and tell them about being diagnosed for lyme. Acording to a recent study a very high percentage of fm/cfs patients are just undiagnosed lyme patients.

    hang in there!
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    Thank you Jarjar... I know you and Victoria are very knowledgeable and helpful in this field... but yes... I will share my story. It was a guy on this board (and I have not heard his name for a while.. can't remember) that heard all of my symptoms and diagnosed me over the computer :)

    He was right though and I really knew it.

    Glad I'm on the right road though.
  7. grace54

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    Finally read your profile, Wow makes one wonder how many things we have to treat. You sure have your health challenges.

    Wondering if you have any more info on your tests to share.Blessings
  8. munch1958

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    There are 3 known markers for heart disease. Cholesterol, Cardio CRP and homocysteine. How was your homocysteine level? It's hard to know what your doctors motivation was for his comments. Possibly he was trying to scare you into taking action.

    Since my cholesterol was low I thought I did not have any risk factors for heart disease. When I got tested at FFC I found that I had 2 out of 3 risk factors. I got serious about exercise and started out doing 1 minute a day. Then added another minute until I worked my way up to 45-60 minutes 4-6 days a week. I changed my diet and lost 30#.

    I also took two supplements -- Cardio B by Ortho Molecular and 1,000 mg of vitamin B12 by Country Life 2X per day. My CRP level plummented and so did my high homocysteine.
  9. Kimba4318

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    Is there an abbreviation for the homocystein bloodwork? I do not see that it was tested but I do see lots of abbreviations that may be it...

    Do you know?
    Thanks again!