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    You can call Igenex and request the kit they send out for the initial lyme tests.


    For the intial testing, you want to get the 2 Western Blots.

    This is the test requisition form (which should also come with the kit)and the specific tests to order:


    #188 Lyme Western Blot IgM
    #189 Lyme Western Blot IgG

    If you have or may have viral issues, you may want to also go ahead and order the 30/31 band confirmation tests. EBV and other viruses common in CFS can give false postives on bands 30 and 31, so the confirmation tests will be able rule out false positive on those bands.

    The confirmation tests are:
    #488 30-31 kDa Confirmation IgM
    #489 30-31 kDa Confirmation IgG

    Good luck!

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    How much Doxy have you been taking a day and for how long?

    Is your Doc knowledgable about Lyme and how has He (she)

    been involved thus far? You may wish to speak with an Igenex

    Tech at their Lab in Palo Alto. They can advise you as to

    any poss. effect of the Doxy on final results of Lab testing!

    P.S. Hi Erica, I hope you are doing well with treatments!

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    Please remember, YOU are your own best medical advocate! My
    Daughter has had Lyme for about 12yrs. Soon to be 31 y.o.,
    She luckily came upon a Doc in Northern Cal early on in Her
    illness, who, through aggression antibiotic intervention, allows Her to function even recently completing an M.A. degree.

    About four years ago, having been treated for Iron Overload,
    was feeling even worse as time went on. I suggested to my then
    Doc,on several occasions, that the symptoms were very similar
    to Lyme and that years before I had spent a decade in the Sierra and had encountered ticks. Even remember having been
    bitten! Weary of my reminders of "Lyme", the Doc mentioned that I had been tested and proven negative. New Doc a year
    later found nothing in my file concerning a Lyme test! I was declared positive by Igenex in January this year. I lost
    about three or 4 years due to former Doc's Lie and now may be
    too far advanced to be helped. Lyme is likewise a highly
    political subject within the Med Community. Be prepared for
    that possibility as well. I wish you the best and a return
    to a healthy and fulfilling life!


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    Anchor, I can't answer most of your other questions.

    I would try to get the blood drawn at a private lab where you can be confident that the person(s) handling your testing will draw and send it correctly. Most private labs will labs handle the Fed Exing for you, and generally offer better service than at a Quest or Labcorp draw station.

    Good luck,
  5. anchor

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    thank you for the 'bump'.....this is the project for the week....working out all the details.

    thanks again and i'd like to keep you posted.

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    Remember to get your blood drawn early in the week so it gets to Igenex before the weekend.

    You should have it Fed Exed overnight, so drawing and sending by Thursday early afternoon should be ok. If you can't do by then, wait until early next week.

    Please do keep us posted!

  7. mrdad

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    Ya in Town? Tell us what's been happening with you? How are

    both the Viral and Lyme treatments coming? Do hope you are

    feeling better Erica!